Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Changing Saturday

And so we go into another Saturday, unlike yesterday the weather is a lot cloudier and slightly colder today as you can see by the Photo of Portsmouth Harbour taken at 9.00 am this morning from the live webcam.
as well as a weekend today is also the first day of September, so the year marches on and September is the Month when the global community get together to make people aware of Myositis, as the 21st of September is Myositis Awareness day so I will be working on illustrations along those line over the next 2 or 3 weeks.

My Timeline cover photo for September
Morning Coffee
So I had a decent nights sleep last night, I must say that at the moment my sleep patterns are getting more regular although I still need to have a cat nap once or twice a day but night times are getting better. So once I am up at 8.00 I get the coffee into the kitchen, and await the carer who does not arrive, I phone the out of hours number and Jo has gone off sick so I tell them not to bother and we will see what the situation is on Tuesday, but to be honest I am loosing patience with this care company

Southern Electric advisor ???
Once I am off the Phone I get some breakfast and text pauline to let her know all is OK and then get myself dressed, next the postman delivers the mail and there is a 'Final Demand" for a electrical bill from where I have just moved from but it has been redirected from my old address, I phone the company as I have had not yet had a final bill from that address yet and it should have been sent to my new address, I speak to the girl on the other end of the phone who insists that I have not given notification of moving  to which I then explain that I have (1) notified them of my leaving that address (2) given them final readings and (3) have a letter from them to me at my new address telling me that they have set up the direct debit for this address for Me ????????? where do these people come from, anyway hopefully that has now been sorted, It is times like this that I wish I smoked and Drank LOL.

The good thing is that my morning did get better. I walked round to Tesco Express to get a Paper and while there saw a friend (marion) who I had not seen since I have been Diagnosed with Dermatomyositis, She only lives a short way down the road from me and I have known her for at least 25 years she was good friends with my late wife Christine and was also a teacher and taught in the same school, anyway we had a chat and she came in and we had a coffee and a catch up which was nice.

apart from that the rest of the day has gone along very quietly, I boiled a couple of eggs for lunch about 1.00 and have been sitting listening to the radio and working on the family history. I went for a cat nap at 2.30 until 3.00 and am now listening to the Football on the radio. Portsmouth are Playing Oldham at Fratton park. the match kicked off at 3.00 pm and at 3.40 the score is Portsmouth 0 Oldham 0 not a very exciting match.

So that is about it for today, nothing exciting happening at the moment, a nice lazy day to get over the affects of the Methotrexate yesterday so I will make another coffee as it is half time at the soccer match and then listen to the second half before getting dinner at 5.30 and then an evening of old sitcoms on the TV, and possibly a bar or two of Chocolate. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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