Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Thursday passes by.

It Had to Happen
And another good day to you all, well after my day being silly with my eating, I decided that I would just have a bowl of Chicken soup and herb dumplings for dinner last night, but even so I knew after yesterdays excursion to the Tenth Hole cafe that I would pay the price, and I was not wrong, I was awake until turned 1.00 am this morning with my cup and spill stomach and my acid reflux bubbling away still it was worth it

Anyway once I eventually dropped of to sleep, I slept through until 7.15 this morning so not to bad but the tummy is still a bit delicate this morning so need to be sensible today about what I eat anyway I got up at 8.00 and made a nice cup of tea and took that into the lounge with 5 Belvita breakfast Honey and Nut biscuits and a banana to watch the news and wait for Jo the carer to arrive.

Jo is a bit late arriving this morning and does not get here until about 9.10 and soon has me washed and groomed ready for my day ahead, once Jo has gone I text Pauline to let her know all is OK, and then Pauline phones back to say that she is booking a taxi for 10.30 to come and collect me and then up to the Hospital at Cosham for my Neurologist appointment.
Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham
Pauline gets the Coffee.
once Pauline is off the phone I get a shave and get dressed and then settle down with the laptop for 30 minutes until pauline arrives about 10.40, and then we are off to the Hospital. We arrive at about 10.55 so as my appointment is for 11.15 we sit outside for 10 minutes as it is not a bad day here today, at least the sun is shining and at 10.15 we report to the out patients department to wait to see Dr Gibb. while we are waiting Pauline goes off to get a couple of coffees and a Daily Paper .

Neurology appointment
Although my appointment is for 11.15 it is nearly 12.00 when we I get called in by Dr Gibb, He is pleased to see that I am getting on Ok with the medications but feels it is time to come off of the Calcichew as I am now down on a low dose of Prednisolone, which I will be carrying on with that dose, also the 15 mg of Methotrexate weekly will stay the same and also the folic acid so that is all the med,s I will be on apart from the Lansoprazole and the Lactulose which is to do with the Digestive system. My Blood work,s from last week are all OK so he does not want to see me until January.

Barium Swallow Test
The other things we discussed with Dr Gibb was about starting Physio and so I am going to contact my Speech Therapist next week at the Turner Centre in Milton to see about some kind of Physio and Occupational therapy and Also Dr gibb wants them to arrange a Barium swallow test as he is pleased with the way my eating has progressed and needs to have the report on how the Dysphagia is progressing.

Pulmonary Function Test
As well as the Barium swallow test he also wants me to arrange for an appointment to have a Pulmonary function test to see how my lungs have improved as I am breathing a lot better now than I was 15 months ago when I was diagnosed, so he has given me the form and I can arrange that appointment here today for next week. so that is Ok.

I also need to get in contact with my GP at the Eastney health centre to arrange for them to refer me for an appointment with the Podiatry Department to have my feet treated, I had them done last year but they need doing again as I have a couple of hard ingrowing callouses on the bottom of my left foot.

So there we go, all in all a successful day all round lots of appointments to make and along with my dental treatment coming up it looks like I am in for a busy and interesting October. anyway once we are out of the hospital we get the taxi back home, he drops us off at the tesco express, as we need to get a couple of bits of shopping and then we get indoors and get the coffee made. Me and pauline sit out in the back yard with the coffee and a sausage roll and then once we are finished Pauline makes her way back home.

Writing the Journal.
Once Pauline has gone I go and have a lie down for 30 minutes and then get the laptop and get this journal written. As I said it has been an interesting day today, at least it all seems to be going in the right direction, so I will now get his Journal posted before Pointless starts on the TV. and once I have watched that I will then get dinner ready and then an evening of TV. so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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