Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where did the day go today ?

well here we are at the end of a very busy but enjoyable Thursday it is now 5.05 and I have only just got on the the compute so I am afraid the journal today is going to be short but Interesting. For those of you that do not follow me on face book today started with me oversleeping and not waking up until turned 8.00 am so that set me behind for the day.

So anyway today really is about the goings on with Pauline, it seems that she is out on the pull and attracting the attention of the fellows of Portsmouth. so in the public interest I think people should be aware of "The 2.5 shades of Grey" of Pauline. It must be pointed out at this stage that this is not suitable reading for persons under the age of 99

Taking a Photo
It all started this morning after I had sent the regular text to Pauline, She phoned to say that she would be late coming round to collect me today to go shopping as she was still out on the common with misty and she was chatting to a young Chinese Student about 21 or 22 years of Age, she had taken a photograph of him in front of the War Memorial and then she and Misty had there photo taken with him , so it looks like Pauline has pulled a toy boy, apparently he was visiting Portsmouth for the day , "a likely story". anyway apparently he was pleased that she had taken a photo of him.

however pauline Phones at 11.30 to say she is on her way to pick me up and then we are off down to the city centre to get some shopping done. once down the centre we go to the building society and then to boots the chemist to hand in my prescription, it will take about 20 minutes for them to get it ready so we go into Wilkinson,s and then decide that as it is now 12.30 we will get a coffee each from gregg,s and I also have a chicken bake and Pauline has a sausage roll and we sit out in the sun near the Fountain and enjoy the warm sunshine and a nice snack.
A view of the Fountain today about 12.45
Well this is where Pauline goes on the pull again " there is no stopping her at the moment" This time it is a young very pleasant Caribbean lad of about 23. he works for "Colas" the company who maintains the cleaning of the roads and pavements in Portsmouth. We had finished our snacks and we were sat there having a chat, Pauline was holding the rubbish in her hand when this lad approaches with his broom and bin bag  and says " Hello Gorgeous lady do you want me to take the rubbish for you." my goodness was that a chat up line or what !!!! I  laughed and said "You need to go to specsavers I think" to which he reply,s " if you don't think she is gorgeous maybe you should go" so we have a bit of a laugh and he takes the rubbish of of us and is on his way sweeping and cleaning, a very pleasant and polite young man.

So there you go Pauline has now pulled two Toy boys today, anyway we head off with the wheelchair to pick up the medication and then decide to shop in Sainsburys for a change. once we have done that we get a taxi back home and it is now getting on for 3.00 o'clock, Gordon phones to say he is on his way back from Salisbury and he will collect Pauline from my place, so that is what we do, Gordon arrives about 3.40 and we have a coffee out in the garden and then he and Pauline head of home about 4.20, so that was a very enjoyable day we had a few laughs but NO ICE CREAM so will have to make up with double ice cream on Tuesday. So I am now Knackered and pauline has 2 more admirers.
So Until Tomorrow and maybe a return to sanity I will say tatty bye.

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