Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A tuesday Vampire Visit.

 Today we remember Albert Joseph Smith (Dad) and Frederick Richard James Hubbard (Uncle Fred) who were both born on September the 18th Dad in 1914 and Uncle Fred in 1918. Both Sadly Missed and In the Family,s Thoughts today

And a good day to you all, A decent nights sleep last night and woke this morning about 7.30 and lazed around in bed until 8.00 when I got up and made a coffee and into the lounge to await Jo the Carer, who arrives early today at 8.20, as she knows that I have an appointment with the NHS Vampire service this morning at 10.30. anyway she gets me washed ad groomed and then she is on her way, I text Pauline who phones back to say she will book the taxi at 10.10 to take me down to Eastney Health centre for my blood test

Eastney Health Centre.
And here is Debbie.
Once pauline is off the phone I get some wheatabix for breakfast and a Banana, and then settle down to check e-mails and facebook until 9.30 when I go to get a shave and get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives. Pauline arrives with the taxi at 10.20 and we are off to the Health Centre, My appointment with Debbie is at 10.30 and once there we have not long to wait until we go in to see Debbie AKA " The Vampire" it does not take long to give blood and then we are back outside and Phoning the taxi to take us home to pick up the wheel chair and then down to the city centre to get the shopping.

Arundel Street precinct.
Stock Photo.
As we get down to the city centre we see there are police cars, ambulance, and fire engines all over the place, they have a police cordon shutting off part of the Arundel Street Precinct. apparently someone has jumped of the top of one of the shop buildings, the new report said that although he is badly he has survived the Jump. what amazes me are the amount of people taking photo,s and videos of the scene with there mobile phones, a sign of the times we live in unfortunately.

Anyway once we  get dropped of by the taxi we go and get a few things sorted at the Building Society and then we make our way down the Commercial road precinct to the Cascades Shopping Arcade where we go into British Home stores and I get a couple of pairs of Trousers, it is one of the few places where I can get smart comfortable trousers with a part elasticated waste band.
British Home Stores Portsmouth Cascade Centre.
It was a good buy as I got two pair for £35.00 so I was pleased with that, next we go into Marks and Spencer where I get a couple of ready meals and some of their delicious Clotted cream rice Puddings and then we make our way down to Gregg,s for a sausage roll and a coffee each.
Marks And Spencer Portsmouth Cascade Centre
Once we have had our snack we make our way into tesco to get the basic grocery shopping before getting a Taxi back home at 2.00 pm.
Tesco Portsmouth city centre,
Once back home we get the shopping unpacked and put away and then I make a coffee and we sit out in the garden to have that before I phone for a Taxi to take Pauline back home, so that is my day today, It has been a day of Reflection, Blood tests and shopping so a busy but a good day  so until tomorrow I will say Adios. and ge this journal posted before settling down to watch Pointless on BBC 1. at 5.15.

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