Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Changing Tuesday

And so a warm welcome to a tuesday of two halves really. Not a good nights sleep last night as I woke about 3.30 with terrible acid reflux, looks like Fried eggs with fried bread is not the thing to eat for lunch, so that goes on the "Do not Eat list" for future reference, and also it is very dull and miserable this morning.
Portsmouth at 9.00 am this morning.
Porridge for Breakfast
anyway I managed to get back to sleep until 7.00 and then got up and made a coffee and into the lounge to watch the Breakfast news and to await the arrival of Jo my carer if she is back to work yet, Luckily enough Jo is back and arrives about 8.20 she is feeling a lot better today so she soon has me washed and groomed and is then off on her way to her next client so I text Pauline and then get some porridge for breakfast.

Pauline phones back at about 9.15 to say that she will be booking a taxi for 10.45 to come and collect me and then we are down town to get some shopping done so I go on the laptop to check out E-Mails and facebook until 10.00 when it is time to get shaved and dressed ready for when Pauline comes. Pauline arrives at about 11.00 and we get the wheelchair loaded into the taxi and then we are off down to the city centre, by this time the weather has totally changed and it is Sunny and warm a lot different to what it was at 9.00 am, such a difference 2 hours can make.
Portsmouth at Noon Today
once we arrive down town we go and get the bits and pieces sorted out at the bank and building society and then decide to have a coffee before going into Phones 4U so that Pauline can sort out a new mobile phone, by this time it is 12.00 o'clock

Phones 4u Commercial road, Portsmouth
It takes pauline almost an hour to sort out a new phone and then we decide that as it is now 1.00 we will go and have a sausage roll and a coffee at Greggs.
It is nice here at Greggs in Portsmouth as I like their coffee and the Sausage roles and we can sit outside in the sun and eat while watching the world go by, once we have finished we make our way along the precinct to marks and Spencer so I can get a couple of ready meals for today and tomorrow, as it is now getting to late to go to morrisons so we will go there on Thursday.
M&S Food Hall
Once we have got the few things we wanted we go back out into the precinct via Thorntons where we get a couple of Ice creams to eat Pauline has a chocolate one and I have a Raspberry ripple, we decide to get them in 'Tubs" with spoons otherwise mine will end up down my shirt. LOL always was a messy eater.
Thorntons, the Cascades, Portsmouth
Once we have demolished the Ice creams I phone for the taxi to take us back home and then to take Pauline back to her place, it is now 3.00 pm so we have been out for a good 4 hours and I need to get a coffee and then get this journal written and posted before going for a lie down for an hour or so before thinking about dinner as it is now 4.20. so I will get this posted and until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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