Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Busy Saturday

And a very good day to you all on a very pleasant Saturday, Blue sky and sunshine today with temperatures around 16⁰C
Portsmouth at 8.00 am this Morning
I slept well last night and was awake at 6.30 this morning and up in the lounge with a coffee at 7.00 am, Why are you up so Early you may ask, or then again you may not ask, but I will tell you anyway, the reason I am up so early is because it is a busy day today. Gervase is coming to collect me this morning and we are going up to the Hyundai dealers at farlington to collect his new car today. we have an appointment at 9.00 am to get all the paperwork done and then that will be it. It is a Carbon Grey Hyundai i10 1.2 cc City car. so OI hope Gervase enjoys driving it as it is a nice little car it is 1 year old on a 61 plate.
Gervase,s  New car collected this morning.
Once we are back home Gervase has a chat and then he is off back home to Leanne and I make a coffee and then go for a lie down for 30 minutes to catch up on my sleep, as it will be a busy evening today as we are having a family get together.

 So todays Journal will be a short one today, it is now 12.15 and time to get a bite of lunch so some scrambled egg with a slice of toast today I think.

So it is now 1.00 pm and I have had lunch, I am now having a nice cup of tea before watching, an hour of TV and then will think about getting ready for the family Get Together, so I am posting this Journal early as It is going to be a busy afternoon and evening, so I will let you all know how it went in tomorrows Journal so all have a good afternoon and evening.

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