Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To the 10th Hole Cafe.

And a very good day to you all on this Wednesday of Gluttony and Cake eating.

Off out Galavanting again
Again I am late getting this Journal written and Posted, I am so busy hobbling out and about I seem to keep running out of time, so today I will skip all the formalities and get down to the nitty gritty. Today is a day of visiting the 10th hole cafe for lunch with my Cousin Maureen and Husband Ken over from Canada, My cousin Michael from Fareham and Pauline.

After Jo the carer has been this morning I take my Med,s and Get some breakfast before texting Pauline and then Getting a shave and getting dressed ready for the busy day ahead of me. Pauline phones to say she will be driving down to the 10th Hole so to let her know when we leave home. and then at 10.20 Pauline,s Brother in law arrives on his wednesday morning visit, Colin has just dropped his Son stewie off at the medical centre for his Wednesday appointment and has come in for a chat and a drink before he picks him up again at 11.15.
Me and Colin having a Good Natter.
At 11.10 Maureen, Ken and Mike arrive so they have a chat and then colin makes his way to pick up Stewie and I phone Pauline to let her Know that we are on the way to the 10th Hole and then we are off in Mike,s car. It does not take long to drive down to the 10th hole cafe as it is not to far to the seafront, it is not to busy today as the weather seems to have kept people away but there are a few there so we go inside to find a table for 5, as Pauline is not here yet.
the Tenth hole Cafe and tea rooms
Croque Madam  Very Tasty.
While we are waiting for Pauline to arrive we "Peruse" the menu to choose what we are going to have, we all decide to have a bite of Lunch and in my wisdom I decide to have a Croque Madame Which is toasted bread toped with slices of Hand carved Ham and covered with cheese grilled and then with a fried egg on top. Was it good It was fantastic, I have not been able to eat anything like that for over 18 months and I really enjoyed it
Anyway Pauline had the same as me while Mike and ken had a full English Breakfast and Maureen had a Bacon Buttey. after that we just had to have a desert " it is Cake time Folks"
The 10th Hole cake cabinet
Everybody chooses a yummy piece of cake and being a glutton for Chocolate I choose a piece of Chocolate Honeycomb Cake, it is a biscuit base with a chocolate moose filling topped with pieces of chocolate coated honeycomb and whipped cream, I think a small light dinner for me tonight, and will I suffer tomorrow ? probably, and Do I care. ? Probably not, will I do it again ? you bet I will.
My chocolate Honeycomb Cake.
Well that was a super Lunch and once we had finished we all went back to Pauline,s for a chat and a coffee and to see misty.
Pauline Lives Here
We have a nice drink and a good chat and then at 3.00 pm Mike Takes me back home and then He, Maureen and Ken go back home to Fareham, So it has been a really great day today, and I am now feeling tired and need a lie down before getting dinner later on so I am going to get this Journal Posted and then of for a lie down for an hour, so from a very happy Frank, I will say Bye Bye until tomorrow, and my Appointment with my Neurologist.

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