Monday, September 10, 2012

Its a cleaner day today.

And a very good Monday to you all, as another week begins..........
 As I wake this morning you can feel the change in the temperature, it looks like Yesterdays very warm and Sunny day marked the end of Summer, if you can call it a summer this year, Today has started if very dull and wet

A Dull and wet Portsmouth at 10.00 am this morning
So I will have to work out how to set up the "Electronic" thermostat for the heating sometime this week, I have downloaded the user manual from the Company,s Internet site, and hopefully that will allow me to do it if not I will have to call on Neighbours to help.
Happy Birthday Gordon
a quiet day ahead today, once I have had breakfast at 9.30, as I had a lie in this morning as I do not have a carer now on a Monday, I text Pauline to let her know all is Ok. Pauline phones back to say that her sister Fran and Colin are coming down this Morning with her nephew Stewie, as it is Gordon,s Birthday today and then Gordon will be round to see me about 11.30.

You missed a bit Gordon
true to his word Gordon Arrives at 11.30. I make a coffee and we sit and have a chat and then Gordon starts to get the cleaning done for me. I have a appointment here at 12.00 and that goes Ok, it does not take long and then he is away, so after an hour me and Gordon have another coffee and then he carries on with the cleaning, he finishes at about 1.30 and then he is off back home, he takes my Laundry with him and also a letter I need posted to the D.W.P. and now the flat is all spick and span and I settle down to get some lunch.

I went round to Tesco Express Earlier for a Paper and got a Heinz Big soup snack pot for Lunch , it is a lancashire Lamb Hot pot. and it went down a treat, only takes 2.5 minutes in the microwave, so nice and easy to do and then I am having home made Minced beef with New Potato,s Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrot and Swede tonight all cooked from fresh ingredients, "Luverly"

Once lunch is over I go for a cat nap for an hour until 3.15 when I decide that it is now time to get this journal written and Posted, It has been a pretty good day today, the weather has been a bit on and off today, it has rained a couple of times and the sun has come out a couple of time,s.
One thing that was nice and that is when Gordon came round this morning he brought round a couple of Wind Spinners for me to hang up in the Garden, Pauline,s Nephew Stewie sent them round for me so they are now spinning around on my Rotary Clothes Line.
Thank You Stewie

"What's up Doc"
 So there we are then, I am now going to get this posted and then settle with the TV for a couple of hours before getting dinner. One thing I have noticed today is that the Thigh muscle on my left leg is aching a bit today, I think it is down to the fact that I have a hard patch of Skin on the ball of my left foot that is giving me a bit of a problem when walking , I have tried creams and Scraping the hard skin so think I will need to make an appointment t see a Podiatrist and get it sorted

Oh well so there we are then time to say goodbye and Happy Birthday to Gordon

 I will be back tomorrow with a Tuesday Shopping Edition.

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