Saturday, September 15, 2012

What a good Saturday

And a good welcome to you all on this fine Sunny Saturday. I thought we would get away from the flowers and cartoons for the day,s so this week the headings for the days will be british birds.
Well after a really positive result from the dental appointment yesterday i am feeling a lot better about the dental treatment I require as it is not as bad as I feared. so we start the treatment plan on the 8th October so that will be OK so it won't be long before I have some false teeth as well " Rock On"

Morning coffee.
Well after a bit of a false start this morning the day seems to be going along pretty well, i went to bed at about 10.00 last night after watching "Mrs Browns Boys" on TV. I had taken my Methotrexate about 8.00 pm , I listened to the quiz on the radio until 11.00 and then off to sleep, but woke about 3.50 this morning and I was wide awake ??. Anyway made a warm milk drink and went on to facebook for about 45 minutes and then went back to sleep and slept through until 7.50, just ready to get up with a coffee and ready for the carer.

Jo arrives at about 8.30 and soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way to the next client, Once she has left I get dressed and Text pauline, and then get myself a couple of Boiled eggs and a Toast Soldiers, followed by a Morrisons breakfast yoghurt, and another decaf coffee.

Pauline phones me back to say that all is OK and I then take a walk round to Tesco Express to get the morning paper, then back home to settle down and read the paper and do the crosswords, It is a really nice day today and is really quite warm and sunny, but the  forecast for the week gives it as getting duller and cooler Oh well "Welcome to Autumn"

Portsmouth at 8.30 this morning
A Tasty and quick lunch
Well the morning goes by quite quickly and it is soon approaching 12.30 so time to think of lunch, today I do myself a Heinz Lancashire Hotpot, these come in a microwavable container and are very tasty and only takes 3.5 minutes to prepare and are very filling as well. Anyway once lunch is over I get on the laptop and check out my emails and go onto facebook before sorting out my medical and social care paperwork and bringing the folder up to date, ready for my appointment with my Neurologist in a couple of weeks.

A new University Student
I have noticed a lot of activity in the street today and it has just dawned on me that this weekend all the students are arriving to there rented accommodation ready for the university term starting on Monday, there are about 6 Houses further down the road that are let out to students, it gets a bit noisy to start with but soon settles down once they have spent all the student grant money LOL. "Oh to be young and fit again"

Here comes gordon
Anyway once the paperwork is sorted into order I start to watch some old sitcom,s on TV when the doorbell rings, It is Gordon, he has cycled up to see me for an hour, I think he has left Pauline doing the Ironing, anyway it is good to see him so I make a coffee and we sit outside in the patio and have a good old chat, anyway about 3.30 Gordon heads back home and once I have done the washing up and made a nice cup of tea I settle down with the laptop to write todays Journal and get it Put up on my blog. I have noticed that my arms are getting a bit blotchy today so need to get some Diprobase rubbed in, I think it is being out in the Sun in short sleeves that has caused it because once indoors it seems to recede a bit, anyway it is now 5.10 and I need to get this Journal Posted, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye,


  1. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow Myositis sufferer. I have Polymyositis and blog a little about it. I will add you to my list of bloggers on the site and call back again soon. Sounds like you had a good day.

  2. If you let me know your blog address I will add it to mine.