Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday at home.

And so here we are on a stay at home Wednesday.
So far it has not been a bad day at all it started out very sunny first thing this morning, although a bit of a chill in the air but the sun was out and the sky was blue.
Portsmouth at 9.00 am this Morning.
I had a decent nights sleep last night although I did not go to bed until about 11.30. I went to visit my Son and Daughter in law yesterday evening at 7.30 for a couple of hours, and Leanne,s dad gave me a lift back home at 9.30, so by the time I had made a drink and watched the news on TV the time was getting on, also Portsmouth were playing a Soccer match against Swindon at Fratton Park last night so I listened to the end of the match on the Radio. Asper usual for this year Portsmouth lost "Again" so not a good result.

Now what is three across
My carer jo arrives a little later today at 9.10 she is on a busy day today so she gets me washed and groomed and is then away on he cycle to the next client, so I give Pauline our morning text and then get a couple of eggs boiled up for breakfast. Once Breakfast is over with I get myself dressed and go round to get the morning paper, then back home make a coffee and then settle down to read the paper and get the crossword done, "Oh what a busy life I lead"

So the morning has gone very quickly and it is soon time to think about what to have for lunch. I have a look in the cupboard and decide to have a "Big Soup" I am going to have a "Steak and Potato with HP Sauce" No idea what it will taste like but I thought I would try it anyway, well after having that I was very disappointed as it was nothing like I thought it would be, I think the "Steak" had "Absconded", and the Potato had decided to have a "baby boom" so not one I would buy again and not as nice as they usually are.

Neurologist appointment
next Thursday
So there we are , Lunch is over and it was time for a lie down before starting todays Journal, as you probably know by now that I am tapering my Prednisolone and at the Moment I am on 15 mg every other day , which is working quite well apart from the fact that I am feeling more fatigue  on the days that I do not take the prednisolone and on those days I tend to have to rest more and today is one of those days and also I feel more aches and pains in the muscles in my right thigh, so that is something that I will discuss with my Neurologist when I see him next Thursday.

So I have had my cat nap and now it is time to check out the emails and facebook and then it will be time to get this journal finished and posted onto my blog, but before I do that I will leave you with a couple of Photographs of a taster of what a couple of items in tomorrows journal will be about.
The churchillian
Gunwharf Quays
So there we are folks, the clues are in the Photographs, so until tomorrow I will say cheerio

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