Friday, September 28, 2012

Is it Me, or is it them ?

When bills come through the letter box
And not addressed to me.
I get the company,s on the phone
and explain they are "now't" to do with me.

But does it sink in to their brain,s ?
These people on the phone
They show very little interest
They might as well of stayed at home.

I will explain the above later on, first of all I would like to say hello to you all and welcome to friday. The weather today is again going to be very changeable with periods of Sunshine and showers, so a day indoors is on the cards today. I have to phone the GP and the speech therapist and also a couple of company,s regarding the previous tenants Mail 

It's Raining Jo
Anyway I slept OK last night woke once during the night but apart from that slept through from 11.30 to 7.20 this morning, Must have been tired after the trip up to the hospital yesterday, anyway got up , made a coffee and went into the lounge to wait for Jo the Carer to arrive, it is raining at the moment so Jo won,t be happy about that, anyway she arrives all wet and windswept at 8.30 and soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way to her next client,

Feel better soon Gordon
Well once jo has gone I get some wheatabix for breakfast and then take my Prednisolone before making another coffee and then settling down with the laptop to catch up with emails and facebook, Pauline phones to say that they are not up in Salisbury today, gordon was not well yesterday and is still not feeling to well today so they are staying home today and hopefully if gordon is OK they will go up to Salisbury tomorrow to catch up on a couple of jobs in the morning.

Once I have spoken to Pauline and checked the emails I phone my GP Surgery and Dr Tyrell will phone me back this morning, True to his word he phones me within the hour and I go through the meeting with the Neurologist,  He updates my Medication chart and is going to write the referral for the Podiatry department so he will fax it today and I can phone them monday to make the appointment, Dr Tyrell likes to keep up to speed with my Dermatomyositis and although he will get the letter from the Neurologist he likes to know how it went as soon as he can so I always phone him the day after. 

Next on the list is Dawn the Speech Therapist, I phone her to let her Know that the Neurologist wants a swallow test carried out, so that is something that she will arrange for me and she will send me the appointment for a Barium Swallow at the QA Hospital sometime in the next few weeks.

and so to the last couple of Phone calls which relate to the verse at the beginning of todays Journal. There are two persistent company,s  

Dimwit number 1
(1) virgin Media who are chasing the previous tenant for £150.00 he owes on his virgin media contract, I have spoken to the company twice before and both times I was assured that they would change the details on the computer system obviously this is beyond there intelligence. however today I received a letter addressed to the previous tenant from their legal department, so I phoned Virgin again, and told them that I was passing their letter to my solicitor and would be pushing for compensation for harassment, the chap I spoke to started to get very apologetic and passed me to his supervisor who assured me that the matter would be dealt with to which I replied that it was to late for that as I did not think they were capable of using a computer system and that they were only harassing me because of my age and the fact that I was registered disabled and that all correspondence should now go via my Solicitor. we will see where that goes from here.

Dimwit Number 2
(2) British Gas, again this is a bill for less than £6.00 which they are chasing from July when the last tenant moved out. again I have spoken to them 3 times now explaining that I am now the tenant and I do not owe the money and that they are sending the letter addressed to the last tenant to me. I thought I had sorted this out at the beginning of the week, and speaking to the girl on the end of the phone today was like talking to a doughnut drowning in a cup of coffee totally Illegible. anyway I have now contacted  the Letting agents and asked them to sort it out and all future mail for previous tenants will be forwarded to them.  

So there we have it folks the end of my day, totally exasperated with trying to explain to people in plain english what the problem is and giving examples of what they need to do, and have come to the conclusion that if I spoke in modern day "Text Talk" I might have some success, anyway that is enough of my whining, it is nearly time to think about Pointless, dinner and Methotrexate, so I going to indulge myself with a coffee and some Chocolate biscuits and get this Journal posted so until tomorrow  " CHEERIO"  

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