Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Changeable Tuesday

Many Butterflies
And a very good morning to you all. so here we are on another Tuesday, and the weather today does not know what to do, will it rain ? or will it be Sunny ? who knows at the moment the seasons and the weather seem to be going through a very peculiar stage, I even have a variety of different butterflies flitting around in the court yard this morning.

Morning TV News
Anyway back to the present. I had a decent nights sleep again last night and after following the doctors recommendation of Medication change yesterday my digestion has been 200% better so it is something to discuss with my Neurologist on Thursday. I woke at 6.30 and then dozed until 7.45 when I got up and took my morning coffee into the lounge to watch the Breakfast news on TV.

It was a really good evening of TV last night they had the new series of "New Tricks" with Amanda Redman and Denis Waterman
New Tricks
and also the Penultimate episode of "Citizen Khan" with Adil Ray and Shobu Kapoor

Citizen Khan
Seems like I have strayed from the beaten track again, However back to today "Again" The weather is not sure what to do at the moment it is sunny with patches of blue sky but with rain clouds passing overhead, although the clouds are moving fast so it will probably be a day of Sunshine and showers today.
Portsmouth at 8.20 this morning.
On the Phone to Pauline
As usual Jo the carer arrives at 8.40 and gets me washed and groomed for the day , I get some wheatabix for breakfast once Jo has gone and then speak to Pauline on the phone. Pauline is going to book her Taxi for 10.45 to come and collect me and then off down town to get todays Shopping, so I get a shave and get dressed ready and then on to the computer for a couple of hours while waiting for Pauline.

I am on the computer designing a new Board Game, The idea came to me yesterday evening as I was spending a happy few hours yesterday trying to find the things that gordon had moved while cleaning the flat for me "Bless his little cotton socks". Only joking Gordon, but it did give me a idea to do an illustration of a fictitious  game box and call it "Dust and Find" hope you like it Gordon. LOL
For Gordon
 any way lets get back to reality. Pauline arrives at 11.00 and once we have the Wheelchair in the car we are off down to Commercial road to get the shopping done. First stop is the Nationwide and then into Boots the chemist to get some supplies
Boots the Chemist  Portsmouth (stock Photo)
Once we are out of Boots we make our way round to Wilkinson,s as Pauline wants to get some bits and Pieces for Misty and Charley and I need some Light Bulbs,
Wilkinson Portsmouth (Stock Photo)
We are not in wilkinson,s long and then we are out and off into the tesco store to get the food shopping, I have not got to get to much today, I think Pauline needs to get more than I do today, anyway we make our way round the first half and as it is 12.30 now we stop at the cafeteria for a nice bowl of Cream of Mushroom soup with a lovely fresh bread roll and a nice coffee, the soup is divine here in Tesco and is always very tasty, I would probably say it is the best soup I have tasted.
Tesco Portsmouth
Bisto Cheese sauce
Once we have finished lunch we carry on with the shopping and eventually get what we want, after me and pauline asking where the tubs of "Bisto" cheese sauce granules were as they were not in their normal aisle,  and being told by two assistants that they had stopped selling it, only then to find it was on the shelf in a different Aisle, so Pauline soon corrected them, I just do love my cheese sauce with my Fish.

Medicine time Gervy
Once Back home we have a coffee and get the shopping put away and then Pauline heads back home, and I go for a lie down until 3.40 and then get this Journal started, it is now 5.40 and I am running late, so I need to get this posted and then get dinner started at 6.00. I was going to see Gervase tonight but he phoned earlier to say he was at home as he has come down with a bit of a virus and tummy bug so has not in work today, apparently there are several people of sick in his office with it, anyway I will not be going round to see him this evening as I cannot afford to catch it. so I will be having a night os old Movies on the TV I think.

Anyway I will now say Tatty bye until tomorrow...........

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