Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A shopping tuesday.

Hello one and all and here we are again on another Sunny Tuesday here in Portsmouth The day has started very well this morning with Blue Sky and Sunshine although it is expected to deteriorate as the morning goes on.
Portsmouth at 8.00 am this morning
A decent nights sleep last night although it was almost midnight when I got to bed, I stayed up to watch citizen Khan at 10.30 it is a very funny series so that was ok, I also got engrossed in my Family history research. I found out where my grandmother was living and working in 1911, from the 1911 census it is shown that My Grandmother was in service as a maid for a Naval family at 28 St Davids Road, Southsea.
St Davids road , Southsea as it is today
The other thing that I found on line last night at the National Archive was a record of my Grandfathers will, it appears that when he died in 1955, apart from the house that he owned he also left an estate of £694 7s 11d. this is taken from the National Probate Calendar.

Speak up Pauline 
I got up this Morning at about 7.45 and decided that I would have a coffee and a packet of Belvita  Breakfast biscuits and a yoghurt for breakfast before Jo the carer came, that way I would then have more time afterwards to get ready for going out shopping with Pauline. Jo arrives at about 8.45 and soon has me washed and Groomed ready for the day ahead and then once she has gone I text pauline, who phones me back to say that she will be here at 11.45 with the Taxi and then we can go down town to get the bits and pieces done.

I get myself sorted out, check face book and emails and look at the post and then get dressed and sorted for when Pauline arrives. Pauline arrives with the taxi at 10.55 and once we have the wheelchair loaded off we go down town and the first stop is the Post office to get a letter posted.

City Centre Post office, Slindon Street
Once I have the letter posted I walk pushing the wheelchair into the precinct as Barclays bank is the next stop.
Barclays Bank, Commercial road precinct
When we go into the bank I think I am having problems with my eyes b ut Know, the inside is smaller, they have partitioned of part of the floor space to make the customer area a lot smaller, which is very claustrophobic, and not to my liking at all, anyway it is nice to know that it is not my eyes. Once we are out of there the next stop is The Nationwide building Society at the other end of the Precinct.

Nationwide Portsmouth
Once we are out of there it is a visit to the Bakers Oven for a coffee and a sausage roll before carrying on with the shopping.
The Bakers oven , Commercial Road Precinct, Portsmouth
Once we are fully refreshed it is into argos to see what if anything is on sale and then into "Specsavers" to let them know my change of address before going of to Marks and Spencer to get a ready meal for tonight and also to get some small tins of meat for a couple of meals as M&S are one of the few place that do small tins of steak and Chunky Chicken as most stores only sell large tins. when we are in there I get a salmon ready meal for tonight as that will be quick and easy to prepare after a tiring day down town, at this point Pauline borrows a pen of me as she has quite a list of food items to get from here and from Tesco.
Tonight Salmon Ready meal from M&S
Once we have finished in Marks and Spencer we then go out into the precinct and make our way over to Tesco, Now Tesco have not got shopping trolleys that fit onto the front of a wheelchair like Asda and Morrisons have, so I will walk pushing the wheelchair and Pauline will get a normal trolley, if I get tired I can always sit in the wheelchair and propel myself around. anyway we start the shopping and halfway through decide to get a coffee and I also have a scone with Jam and Clotted cream, and pauline has a chocolate muffin.

Anyway once we have finished that, we continue with the shopping well we would do if Pauline was not pushing me down the aisle in the wheelchair when I suddenly ask her where the trolley is, We had only forgotten it and left it up at the cafeteria section, that did make us laugh, so we get the shopping finished and then Pauline has lost my Pen. It could only happen to Pauline, anyway we are soon out of the shop and in the taxi home.

Once indoors we get the shopping put away and then have a coffee before Pauline makes her way back home and i get this Journal written. It has been a really good day today, got lots done and had a few laughs so as it is now nearly 5.00 I will get this Journal posted and say cheerio until tomorrow. and leave you with the thought that as Autumn approaches we could be in for a "Wet Winter".

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