Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Sunny Friday

well here we are, another friday comes around and again it is a bright Sunny start to the day, it is only 14 days left to Myositis Awareness Day on the 21st if September and I am still producing illustrations which people can use and share to raise awareness of this disease.

As you are no doubt aware friday is commonly referred to by me as "Freaky Friday" due to the fact that Friday is the day I take my Methotrexate, however last week I did not take it in the morning as usual, I took it in the Evening an hour after my Dinner and it seemed to be better for me as I did not have the yucky feeling that I was getting during a friday, I put this down to the fact that I slept through it all in bed Friday night so I am going that way again today so as long as it works for me again today then that will be the new regime for the Methotrexate.
The other reason that I am taking the Prednisolone on an evening rather than in the morning is that next Friday I have an appointment with the dentist in the afternoon so don,t want to feel all yucky when I go to see him either so now you know.

Anyway back to today, It was a very warm and humid night last night and although I slept quite well I did wake a couple of times during the night and ended up with a very dry throat, which frequently happens when it is very warm and humid, anyway I got up with a coffee about 8.00 and went into the lounge ready for when Jo arrives, the temperature in the lounge at 8.00 this morning was 21.5 C so it will get a couple of degrees warmer as the day goes on so the firsts thing to do is get the window open for some air to come in but there is not a lot of breeze around this Morning.
Portsmouth at 8.00 am this Morning
Go Jo Go
Jo arrives at 8.40 and is glad that she has got a short day today, I am her second client today and she has three more after me and then that is it until she has to come out again at 3.00 to see a couple of clients later on this afternoon, anyway she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way to the next client. speeding down the road on her Cycle

Once Jo has gone I decide to do a couple of boiled eggs and a slice of toast for breakfast and then afterwards I text pauline to let her know all is OK. I then get dressed and take a walk around to the Tesco Express to get the daily Paper, once back home I make a coffee and sit out on the patio and read the paper and do the crossword.
Tesco Express Portsmouth
The morning goes by quite quickly, and during the morning I get a phone call from Portsmouth City Council Adult Social Care to arrange a visit next week to re-asses my Social care needs, It is difficult for me to get in and out of the bath unaided so they will supply a bath step and seat for me if I need them to so that will help. also it is over 12 months since I was last assed and since then I have had the reveal monitor fitted so they will arrange the meeting at home with me, The care company and themselves.

Edinburgh to Southampton
once that phone call is over I get myself some lunch of tinned Salmon with bread and butter and also a Banana and a Yoghurt, and after that I go for a lie down for an hour. I listen to the radio and it is a lot cooler in the bedroom and i have a cat nap and then get up at 3.00 and make a coffee and then go out the front to have a chat with the Neighbours before going back in to start todays Journal. Gervase Phones at 4.00 to say he is at Edinburgh Airport waiting for his flight back to Southampton, but it looks like it is delayed as it was on the way up this morning. in this day and age it seems a waste of time to fly to Edinburgh and back for a 3 hour meeting, I would have thought it would have been easier to use something like "Skype", but it gets Gervase out of the office for a day. The other News about Gervase is that he is also in the latest two Halifax TV Adverts so that is four he has been in now, getting to be a proper TV Star.

Time for pointless
Well it is now 5.15 and ready now to watch Pointless on BBC1 and then at 6.00 it will be time to get dinner started for 6.45 and then the dreaded methotrexate about 8.00 pm tonight so I will say tatty bye for now and will see you all again tomorrow with the saturday edition of the journal.


  1. I do the evening meth regime too Frank and I think it definitely helps that I can sleep through the headaches - well they do wake me, but i drift off again. Still feel yucky the next day, but I'm sure less so. Best of luck at the dentist!

  2. Hi Susie. I have only just started taking it in the evening, used to take it Mornings, it made me feel yucky most of the weekend but last week taking it at night seemed to help as the weekend was better, Tapering down on the Pred also has an affect as well.