Friday, September 14, 2012

The Dreaded Dentist

And so we go into Friday, another week has passed by and the weather is starting to make its gradual change into Autumn. Thinking about it it will not be long before Christmas is upon us as already most of te supermarkets have there christmas tins of biscuits out on the shelves and looking at the calendar it is only just over 14 weeks to go to Christmas Day.

I must apologise to you all for posting this so late but I had a dental appointment this afternoon and this has set me all behind so it is a very short Journal today.
 As usual the morning followed the same pattern as always, jo the carer arrived at 8.45 and once she had me sorted for the day, I got some wheatabix for breakfast and then sent the morning text to Pauline.

Pauline phones me back and said that all is Ok she is helping Gordon with his cleaning work up in Salisbury today and they are already at the first client. Once the phone call is over I take a walk round to Tesco Express to get a paper and once back home settle down with the laptop and check out facebook and my emails and then read the Paper and do the crosswords and Sudoku.

I phone my sister Eileen to check that it is still ok for Her and chris to take me to the dentist this afternoon and they will get here about 2.15, and my appointment is for 3.10 so that gives us plenty of time, anyway as it is now 12.30 I get some poached egg on toast for lunch and then get a shave and changed ready for Eileen and Chris to arrive.

Eileen and chris arrive as they said at 2.15 and we have a bit of a chat and then at 2.45 we make a move down to the Dentist in Outram Road for the initial assessment of my teeth and hopefully work out a treatment plan. Once there I fill out a couple of forms relating to my Dermatomyositis and Medication and then I go in to see the Dentist.

The Dental surgeon was very good, he asked a lot of questions, checked out my mouth and made notes about the condition of my teeth and said that it was not as bad as I thought it was and that he would have to extract 2 teeth and there would be 3 fillings but apart from that it would be a case of cleaning them. there were no problems with the gums and although I cannot open my mouth as wide as he would like, it would not pose a problem. There were also a couple of roots where teeth had broken that needed to be extracted and then afterwards I would need a small set of False teeth. so all in all a positive dental appointment. He asked if I was exempt from paying, and as I am receiving Pension credit at the moment then my treatment will be free on the N.H.S.  My next appointment is for early October when we will have the x-rays done and start the cleaning process, and he will carry out treatment to my time scale.

So that is about it for today a good day and it was nice to see my sister Eileen and Chris, it is now 5.50 and I need to get dinner started so I will call it a day and get this posted and  say tatty bye until tomorrow.

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