Thursday, September 13, 2012

Its assessment day today.

And here we are on another Thursday, I am a bit late with the journal today as I had a assessment visit from Adult Social Care at 3.00 and before that I was out down Morrisons with pauline doing our Thursday shop. It has been a really good day today, had a nice time out at Morrisons and the weather today was very warm and Sunny, the Photo below shows Portsmouth Harbour at 9.00 am this morning.
Portsmouth Harbour at 9.00 am this Morning
It was a really good nights sleep last night, I must have dozed off at about 11.15 last night and although I was up at 2.45 for the bathroom I slept through until 7.15 this morning at which time I went and made a coffee and took it back to bed and lazed in bed until 8.00 when I decided that I really should get up and get ready for when Jo my carer comes.

Frantic Jo the Carer
It seems that joe may be running a little bit late this morning so I get myself a Pack of Honey and Nut Belvita Breakfast biscuits and a Banana and yoghurt for breakfast and wash it all down with a Raspberry and Banana Smoothie, and very enjoyable it was as well. Jo arrives at 8.50 and is running a bit late as she had a problem with her last client so she gets me washed and Groomed and is then on her way to her next client and I then text Pauline and then settle take a slow walk round to get the daily paper.

Once I am back home with the Paper I get a coffee made and then settle down to read the paper and get the crossword done, this is when Pauline phones to say that she will be round with a Taxi at about 11.45 and then we can go straight to Morrisons to get the shopping, that way we will be home in plenty of time for my Assessment visit at 3.00 pm.

Morrisons at the Victory Retail Park, Portsmouth
Vienna Slice
Pauline arrives at about 11.40 and then we are off down to Morrisons by the city centre. Once we get there we decide to have a coffee and a snack before starting the shopping, so we make our way into the cafeteria and get a coffee and a sausage roll each, I also have a vienna slice and pauline has a slice of Victoria Jam sponge, we get the Sausage rolls heated and then sit and scoff the who;e lot down and very nice it was too.

I know it was naughty but that Vienna slice went down a treat, no idea how many calories and really don,t care, i will have another one next week lol. anyway we get the shopping and I have decided that I need to add more fresh fruit to my diet so I get myself some Pears, Plums, Banana,s and Clementines, This is to complement my fresh vegetable and Fish regime along with the occasional Chicken and mince beef and pork so that I can cut out ready meals and cook everything from fresh, well thats the plan anyway.

Got the Fruit bowl out on the coffee table.
Once we have completed the shopping we get the taxi back home and then get everything put away and then make a coffee. it is now 2.40 and the Adult Social care assessment is at 3.00 so just time for a coffee before they arrive.
The First to arrive is the chap from the care company and then the lady from PCC Adult social care. the assessment lasts for about an hour and is not so much an assessment as talking about how I am getting on with the care that I am receiving and if I have any further requirements, the outcome is that the care package stays the same for the time being and will be reviewed again next year and the care company will make sure that if my carer goes of sick someone will phone and let me know and will try to get another carer to me for the time laid out in my care package ( which has not been happening), so that was a positive result so everyone is happy.
S there we are folks , a short journal today as it is now 5.40 and time for me to start getting dinner ready and also Gervase will be in to see me on his way home from work at about 6.30, so until tomorrow I will say cheerio.

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