Friday, September 21, 2012

Myositis Awareness Day

And welcome one and all to Friday the 21st September 2012 and today it is Myositis Awareness day around the world.

It is Also Friday

Thank you Mr Loo
I had a decent nights sleep last night, after a very enjoyable afternoon down at Gunwharf Quays with Elizabeth and Andrew Burrows, I had a nice piece of Salmon for dinner last night and then was in bed by 10.30, I slept through until 7.00 am this morning waking once about 2.30 to go to the bathroom.

Getting Dressed
for the day.
Once awake I make a coffee and into the lounge to watch the breakfast news on the TV and also to wait for Jo the carer to arrive. Jo arrives early today at 8.20 and has her next client at 9.00 so she has time for a cup of tea and then she gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and is then of on her cycle to her next client while I get myself a dish of Porridge for breakfast. before texting Pauline and getting dressed.

A morning of TV
Once I am dressed, Pauline phones to say they are still on the road to Salisbury and running 30 minutes late due to volume of traffic, I then get the laptop up and running and check out my emails and facebook I get the Images posted for Myositis awareness day and then catch up on the facebook games like "Words With Friends" once that has been done I make a coffee and then settle down to watch a bit of TV until it is time for lunch, so as you can see a very lazy and restful morning today.

At 12.00 My Son Gervase Phones to say he will be round about 1.00 pm and we will be going up to Farlington to the Hyundai Dealers to have a test drive of a Hyundai i10 as he is thinking of getting a newer car today and likes the Hyundai i10 as it s a city car and is easy to park, cheap to insure and has good fuel consumption and is only £30 a tear for road tax.
Hyundai dealer at Fitzherbert Road, Farlington. 

Hyundai i10
Before gervase Arrives I get myself a bite of lunch and have some tinned salmon and a couple of crispbread and then get ready for when Gervase gets here. He arrives about 1.10 and we make our way up to the Hyundai dealer, we have a chat with the salesman and gervase arranges to take a i10 out for a test drive to see how he gets on with one, anyway I go with him and he gets on OK with it, he finds the pedals a bit different from his Corsa and does stall it a few times when moving off but he will get used to it, he enjoys driving the car so decides that is the kind of car that he will get, once back to the dealers we are going back up on sunday to have a look at a 1 year old i10 with 7000 miles on the clock, it is one of there ex Demo models so we will have a look at it and if Gervase is happy with it then that is the one he will have.

Once back home, gervase goes of to meet leanne from work and I go for a lie down for 30 minutes and then at 4.00 I start to get todays Journal written. It is now 5.15 and time for pointless on the TV so I will get this journal posted before getting dinner and taking the dreaded methotrexate and say Bye Bye until tomorrow.

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