Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A surprise Visit Today.

So here we are and into Wednesday we go. and another bright, warm and sunny day ahead of us today. It was not a bad nights sleep last night, I was up at about 2.30 to use the loo but apart from that I slept through until about 7.00 am this morning, I stayed up a bit later last night than I have been doing as I went to Gervase and Leanne,s last night for a couple of hours and Leanne,s dad (Dave) gave me a lift home about 9.20, so by the time I had a coffee and then caught up with the Football, and facebook it was about 11.30 when I went to bed.

Anyhow once I was awake I made a coffee and then at 8.00 decided to drag myself out of bed and into the lounge to watch TV News and await the arrival of Jo my Carer, I also went online to read up on the result of the "Pompey" last night. it was a league cup match " The Johnson Paint Trophy" Portsmouth were playing at fratton park against another south coast club " Bournemouth" the final score was 2 - 2 so it went to penalties and Pompey won 4 - 3. ("Pompey" is the nickname for Portsmouth Football Club )

Anyway back to today, Jo arrives at 8.45 and is as usual in a rush as she has a busy morning ahead of her, so she wastes no time in getting me washed and groomed and is then on her way to her next client so I Text Pauline and then get myself some breakfast before getting dressed and then having a amble around to the Tesco Express to get a paper, and as it is a nice day I will sit out in the Back yard with a coffee to read the paper and do the crossword.
Portsmouth at 8.25 Today
It is a very nice summer day today, and it is nice sat outside anyway the phone rings and it is a pleasant surprise to hear colin,s voice. Colin is Pauline,s Brother -in-law and is married to her sister Fran. He has phoned to say that he is down in Portsmouth as he has brought his Son Stewie down for an appointment at the medical centre quite near to me and as he has about an hour to wait before Stewie will be ready to come home, would it be Ok to come round and see me, so he comes round and we spend an hour or so having a good old chat and a coffee /or cold drink. it is nice to see Colin as I do not see much of him these days as Colin has health issues as well and has to carry oxygen with him so to have a chance to have a chat was a nice surprise. anyway I think he will be bringing stewie down again next week so hopefully I will see him again.

Medical Centre, Fratton Way, Portsmouth
Poached Egg on Toast for Lunch Today
So once Colin makes his way back to the Medical Centre to collect Stewie I decide to check the days mail and then after paying a couple of Bills "ie Council Tax" and Phoning the DWP and Southern Electric I give Pauline a ring to let her know that Colin had visited but she already knew as Fran had spoken to her " it is like a jungle telegraph with Pauline and her sisters" anyway I then decide to cook myself a couple of Poached eggs with a slice of toast, I decided on Poached eggs as the fried eggs the other day was a mistake so not going down that route again.

A Good Hours CatNap
At 2.00 pm I decide to go for a cat nap for an hour before getting this Journal finished, as although it is a nice day out today I need to conserve energy ready for going out shopping tomorrow with Pauline as Today is the day I do not take the Prednisolone as I only take 15 mg every other day and the day I do not take them I always have a distinct lack of energy, but it is slowly getting better and the heat does not help either.

So once again it is that time to get this journal finished and Posted and then it will be time to watch an episode or two of "On the Buses" before watching Pointless at 5.15 and then at 6.00 it will be time to get dinner started so that is another day over. It has been a good day today, it was nice to see Colin, I have paid a council tax for this flat for the current year "Boooo" and had a nice Thank you card in the post today from Arron and Sarah . hopefully tomorrow will be a good day as well and maybe more "Thorntons Ice Cream"
so until tomorrow I will say -----------------------

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