Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Generation re-united.

And so here we are on another Sunday and it is going to be a really good day today. The weather is a bit dull and cloudy but the sun is supposed to be making an appearance later in the day,  Now you may think to yourself "What has the heading to Franks Journal today got to do with Dermatomyositis" and the simple answer is "Absolutely Nothing" But I thought that after 432 editions of the Daily journal I would bore you all with my family history successes.

Mum and Dad
So by passing all the normal morning antics I will proceed to the arrival of my Cousins who visited this morning at about 10.45. My Cousin Maureen along with her Husband Ken are over here in the UK for a couple of Weeks and are staying with my cousin Michael in Fareham, it was so nice to see them when you  think that until about 4 years ago I had not seen them since 1953 just after my Father passed away.
It was only after Mum passed away in 2005 at the age of 92 that I decided that it was time I tried to find out more about the Family.

I started of with putting what I knew along with family photographs and details of our family onto the Ancestry site and gradually with help from my brothers and Sister started to grow the family tree. This went on for a few Months and then one day out of the blue I had a email from a lady in Weymouth, enquiring why I had a photograph of her Grandfather on my Family Tree. Her Grandfather was my uncle jim, and from there she put me in touch with Maureen who was the daughter of my Uncle George, Maureen was living in Alberta Canada, From there it just grew for the Paternal side and her Brother michael was living in Fareham just round the corner from my Brother Pat. and in May 2010 just before Dermatomyositis hit me we had a Family get together up at Michael,s house.
Family and Cousins Together May 2010.
A selection of the younger generation.
 So n ow the family was starting to re-form after almost 55 + Years apart. I also had contact from a lady in Jersey, from the Paternal side (The smiths) and also contact from a lady in Canada who happened to be from my maternal side ( The Hubbards) so now through the wonders of the internet and face book, I have a family tree of 2000 + names and contact with family members and relatives in the UK, Canada, U.S.A, Australia, Jersey, and it is still growing so now I have more time being at Home to further research into the family background and put it all together, so far I have written 5 Books on our family History and put together 4 D.V.D,s.
Local Family get together at Brother Pat,s in August 2010.
So now you know how I spend my Hobby time while I am at home, it keeps me occupied and has brought the family back together again. It is such a shame we have lost so many years but when dad passed away in 1953, mums family took over and we lost touch with the Smith side of the Family. and never had any hubbard relatives here in the UK apart from Mums Brother and Sister, neither of them married, and the rest of the hubbards had emigrated to Canada in 1912.

So now that Maureen is over here on her visit we are having a family get together at Mikes at the end of the month and so far we are expecting about 40 relatives to be present but that could increase. I know my Cousin Carolyn will be coming up from Weymouth and Michael,s sons Grant and Paul are coming up from Kent, and others from around the south of England so should be a good day.

So there we go after boring you silly I will say tatty bye and Normal service will be resumed tomorrow

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