Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Damp Sunday.

A Song Thrush. NOT Oral Thrush

Good day  to everybody, here we are on another Sunday and guess what ? yes it is raining here in Good old "Sunny Southsea" anyway another really good nights sleep and 'Touch wood" the problems with the Abscess and the Oral Thrush seem to be coming under control, To avoid any confusion and for no valid reason I must point out that the illustration to the right is a "Song Thrush" not an "Oral Thrush" .

Now as you probably know from my assortment of illustrations Myositis awareness day is on the 21st September and I am posting these illustrations on facebook to raise awareness of Myositis within the wider global population, in the hope that the more people who are aware of it, will lead to greater efforts to find a cure.

Anyway back to today. I have taken to going to bed around about 10.00 pm and listening to "Radio Solent" for a hour or so before drifting off to sleep, and have been sleeping interrupted until about 6.00 or 7.00 am so that is also an improvement, last night was no exception and I slept right the way through  from 11.30 until about 6.45 this morning,  made a coffee and lazed around in bed until about 9.00 listening to the radio before getting up and going into the lounge to have some breakfast, it is so nice not to have to get up at 8.00 ready for the carer, so canceling the carer for  Sunday and mondays seems to be the way to go.

Once I am up I get myself some Wheatabix for breakfast and then send the daily text to Pauline and let her know all is OK and then settle down to watch a program on TV about the change in the law regarding "Squatting in Private Houses" it was certainly interesting to hear the various views about this anyway that was followed by a program about "Biggin Hill" in Kent it was about the "Biggin Hill Airfield" and its role in the battle of Britain in WW2
Biggin Hill Airfield, Kent

That finished at 12.00 just as Gervase arrives to take me shopping down at Morrisons, we were going to look at a new car for him today but he has a busy day ahead as  he and leanne are both back to work tomorrow so we are going to look at cars later in the month, so we just go down to morrisons today and get some food shopping to take me through until Tuesday when I go out shopping again with Pauline. anyway we get the shopping done and come back home via the seafront, although it is not that pleasant today with this rain coming down.

Southsea seafront looking towards Gosport shoreline
Once we are back home we get the shopping put away and then I log on to the internet and get Gervase,s advice on the new "Google TV" box that has emerged onto the market. I am wondering if it will suit me for watching Internet movies on the TV, but after reading the reviews etc I am not sure it will do what I want it to do , so will have to do further research into it.
Google TV

Anyway about 2.00 gervase makes a move back home and I get myself some chicken Soup with a couple of slices of Bread and Butter, Yes Folks I can at last manage to "eat bread after a fashion" anyway after that I have a Yoghurt and then decide to go for a lie down for an hour at 3.00.

So I enjoyed that nap for an hour and now it is time for getting this journal posted as it is now 4.45 and the film "Babe" is starting at 5.00 and after that it will be dinner at 7.00 and then the Movie "The ghost of Greville Lodge" Starring George Cole and Prunella Scales at 8.00 on Movies 24+ so that is the rest of the day planned out
The Ghost of Greville Lodge
So that is todays journal written so Until Tomorrow I will say...............................

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