Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A hole in the ground.

Good Day one and all and welcome to another day in the life Me. not a very exciting day today as I have had terrible problems with my right leg and hip today, my own fault really as I did to much walking yesterday, "Trying to show off in front of Pauline I think" No not really it is just that I get so sick and tired of relying on other people to get me around and just as is usual for me I went passed the limits of reasonable exercise, anyway it is a lot easier now as I have rested well today.
Bye Colin.
I had a nice surprise again today as I had finished breakfast and spoken to Pauline and was about to take a slow walk round to Tesco Express to get a paper when I get a phone call from Pauline,s sister Fran to say Colin was down in Southsea to take Stewie for his appointment and would be round to see me so that was nice so colin comes round and we have a nice hour chatting away until he is off at 11.30 to collect Stewie.
After Colin has gone I have a Banana and a coffee and then settle down to catch up on the post. since I have moved which was 4 weeks ago I seem to have all the world sending me mail, trying to sell me everything from home insurance, car insurance, furniture, magazine subscriptions, so a lot of recycling at the moment, anyway it is nearing lunchtime and I get some chicken soup and a couple of crispbread and decide to watch a bit of TV, but little did I know that I was going to see something far better than a episode of an old sitcom, and right outside my window as well. So here is how it went........ ... _ _ _ ...

 rewind about a week ago, I noticed a workmen walking up and down the road spraying white paint on the pavements where there were cracked slabs or uneven surfaces, and he sprayed around the 4 water stop cocks for the mains water supply for the 4 flats in this property anyway today the workers ???? arrive to put it to rights, they arrive about 1.45 and pull up outside in there lorry. they then jump out have a look at the pavement then jump back in the lorry and have a cigarette. 

After about 20 min,s they get out of the lorry and put up a safety barrier around the area to protect pedestrians and then have a discussion on the best way to go about raising the pavement level where it has sunk by about half an inch. obviously this is a bit taxing on the brain as they decide it would probably be better to discuss it over a cup of tea and a cigarette so the flask comes out, the tea gets poured and the cigarettes are lit. this is then consumed by leaning against the side of the lorry for 10 min,s or so. 

Once the tea break was over the power grinder comes out and the offending area is trimmed and the Water Stop cock boxes are extend upwards by half an inch, it is now time to mix up some concrete to fill in the half inch dip to bring the area up level with the rest of the pavement, but, this first  requires a cigarette to regain some energy first, after that the concrete is laid and leveled and after a period of chatting , smoking and congratulating each other on a job well done,they are back in the lorry and on there way probably to the next job ???

Well that was more of a comedy show than what was on the TV, it was about 1.45 when they arrived and they left about 3.15 so I suppose it was good use of Council tax money to have two workmen spend an hour and a half doing a job in which they only spent about 30 minutes working and 60 minutes on tea and cigarette breaks, Nice work if you can get it, in fact I might apply myself if a job becomes vacant. lol. As you can see from the illustration at the beginning, it brought back recollections of the Bernard Cribbin,s song from  1962.

So there we are then another, day over in the life of Frank, it has been a day of resting and  promising myself I must keep to my limitations, ( No chance of that) so will have to see if I can get my Neurologist to arrange Physio for me when I see him next week, anyway it is shopping down town tomorrow with Pauline and then I have a home care assessment in the afternoon from Adult social care so that should be interesting, so until tomorrows Journal I will say Tatty Bye.

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