Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Sunday Comes and Goes.

So here we are again on another bright Sunday Morning to start with here is my latest illustration in Support of Myositis Awareness day on the 21st September 2012

The Train to London
another pretty decent nights sleep and seeing as I do not have a carer come now on a Sunday I had a lie in until 8.30 listening to the radio, before getting a shave and dressed and having some wheatabix for breakfast. once that was over with I sent Pauline a text to say that I hope they have a good time in London today as Her and gordon have gone up to london for the day. They left on the 8.30 Train from Portsmouth, and when I text her about 9.00 they were just the other side of Petersfield

Shredding the evidence
Once I hear back from Pauline I go round to the Tesco Express and get the Sunday paper and then back home to have another coffee and read the paper, it is a typical Sunday morning, the weather is hot and sunny and very little air about, anyway I read the paper until about 10.30 when I spend an hour catching up on sorting out some old paperwork and getting it shredded.

I also get a text from Gordon with a photo asking If I know where they are now, The Photo is of all the bicycles in the Bike rack at london,s Waterloo station, so they have arrived in London.
Waterloo Station
The next job after that is to get a letter drafted to the DWP regarding my Pension Credit, then Gordon can take that tomorrow and get it Photocopied and Posted for me, as Gordon will be round tomorrow for a couple of hours to vacuum  the carpets and clean the bathroom and Kitchen Floor. and also it is his Birthday Tomorrow as well.

Todays lunch.
I now get myself a coffee and then Gervase rings to say that he will be round at 1.00 and then we can go out and get the shopping, so as it is now 12.00 I make myself a nice cheese omelette for lunch and then settle down with the TV until gervase arrives.

Gervase arrive spot on 1.00 so we get the wheelchair into the car and off we go, we decide to go up to Hendy Ford the Ford and Kia dealer,s just off of Portsea island to look at Ford Fiesta,s as gervase still has not made up his mind what car he wants to get.
Hendy ford
We have a look at the cars there and then also look at the Kia as well, Gervase thinks it may be worth getting a Kia or a Volkswagen City car as 95 % of his driving is on Portsea island, anyway while we are there I get another Photo from Gordon of  Pauline and him enjoying the Sunshine in London.
Pauline and Gordon in London
Once we have finished looking at the motors we go down to Morrisons to get the shopping and then Home via the seafront, well that was an interesting afternoon. Gervase makes his way back home about 4.00 and I get a coffee and then get settled to get todays Journal written, The day has flown past and it is now 5.20 and the weather has taken a turn for the worst and it has started to rain now.
A wet and Dismal Portsmouth at 5.15 Today
Anyway it is now time to get this journal posted and then think about getting dinner, I have a small Morrisons steak and ale pie tonight and I will have it with Carrot and Swede Mash and new Potato,s so Until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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