Sunday, September 30, 2012

An Aching Sunday.

Go Gervase Go
And so here we are at Sunday the 30th November and the last day of the Month, tomorrow we see the start of October, and how fast the last year has gone by. anyway as some of you may know yesterday was a very busy day for me, we went and got my son Gervase his new car and then in the Evening it was a family get together at My Cousin Mikes house in Fareham which is just about 8 miles outside of Portsmouth.

Well It was a really great night last night, Gordon and Pauline picked me up about 4.20 and we got to Mike,s about 4.45 there were a few people there but not that many.

The Photo above shows me sitting out in the Garden with Gervase and Leanne and also my younger Brother David who was down from Woking for the afternoon and evening.

This Photo shows my cousin Maureen (on the left) who is over from Canada and also My cousin Carolyn who had come up from Weymouth.

This group shows my Cousin Carolyn from Weymouth sitting talking to Eileen,s friend Chris. The couple in the back having a snack are Gerry and Carol, they are the son and Daughter of my cousin Enid, and the chap to the right at the back is my cousin Mike.

Here we see Maureen sitting and having a chat with my Sister Eileen and her Daughter Jodie

And here in Group 2 we have Jodie and Arron Eileen,s son and Daughter with Arron,s wife Sarah far left and Dave Trumper Jodie,s Husband far right at the back sat next to my Sister Eileen who is sat next to my Brother David who is also sat next to Sarah

 And not Forgetting Pauline and Gordon.

So a good evening was had by all, in total there were 30+ people there including Leanne,s mum Elaine who was caught having a good old natter with Pauline.

There were many who I did not get Photo,s of including mikes son,s Grant and Paul and Grants daughter Molly and also Maureen,s Husband Ken as by 8.00 I was starting to really get Tired. we left about 9.15 and was home by 9.45. very tired and very ache. when I got ready for bed at about 11.30 my feet were bright red as were my knees, I think I was standing around chatting for to long. the one good thing is that the weather stayed nice.

One Cool Cat
I slept well last night and woke at about 7.30 this morning, but had terrible trouble getting out of bed, My legs had a mind of their own and did not want to work, and their was so much stiffness and pain in the muscles it took me until 9.00 before I could move around anyway got some breakfast sorted and then spoke to Pauline. as the morning went on I just sat with the laptop resting until 1.00 when I got some chicken soup for lunch.

I get a phone call from Gervase to see if I still want to go shopping and I say certainly but we will have to use the wheelchair so that is OK with him so he comes round at about 1.45 and we go off down to Morrisons to get the shopping, it is very busy there today but we get what we want and then head back home along the sea front.
Morrisons at Portsmouth
Tuesday for Flue Jab
Once we are back home we get the shopping put away and then gervase makes a move back home to Leanne as she is a bit hung over after yesterday because once they got back home from the family get together they went to a friends house warming party and did not get home until about 3.00 am. Oh to be young.
Anyway my ache,s and pains seem to be settling although to be honest I have not been that mobile today, anyway they will hopefully be gone by Tuesday in time for my Flue Jab at the Eastney health centre.

Anyway it is now time to get this journal posted before I get dinner started, tonight I am having a Sea Bream Fillet with Potato, and a Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake all home cooked from fresh produce, so until tomorrow and hopefully less aches I will say Tatty bye.

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