Monday, October 1, 2012

Lazing on a Monday Afternoon.

And a very good day to you all and welcome to the month of October. as you can see the number of visitors to my daily Journal is increasing almost every month. and they are reading it all over the world, and I thank you all for your kind comments and emails that you have sent me either on this blog or via facebook groups. so a very hearty wave to you all.

Fast asleep until 7.30
However it is now Monday and I had a decent sleep last night in fact I think the last week tired me out so much I slept for a good 8 hours last night, I woke at 7.30 this morning and could not believe I had slept that long, but it has been a busy few weeks with visit,s hospital appointments, dental appointments, blood tests and on Saturday the family get together up at my cousins place in Fareham so I think it all just caught up with me.

Fix the car Gordon
well I put on the radio and stayed in bed until 9.00 am when I got up, made a coffee and into the lounge to catch the end of the breakfast news on the TV. I do not have a carer come on mondays so there was no need to be up early, and I did enjoy the lie in. anyway text pauline to let her know all is OK and then got some wheatabix for breakfast with a Banana, and then got the laptop fired up and spent a couple of hours playing facebook games and checking my emails. about 11.00 Gordon phones to say that he has had a problem with his car on the way to Salisbury and that he has had to come home and the car is now off the road with a Blown radiator which he will have to replace at the weekend. it is a good job that they have Pauline,s car .

The daily Paper
Anyway Dawn the speech therapist phones to see how I got on with my appointment with the Neurologist last week, we had a chat and I mentioned the Swallow test and we decided that as my swallowing is almost back to normal apart from some items and that my weight is OK and also my appetite that unless I had any concerns that we would keep with our original arrangement of an assessment  of my swallowing in January. so once that was settled I took a walk round to the Tesco Express to get the Daily Paper.

Get the Journal written.
once back home I settle down to read the paper and then do the crosswords and also the Sudoku, I do like to keep the brain active, I used to do the daily crosswords on line but it is not the same as doing them in person with a newspaper and a pen. anyway at 1.00 I decide to get some lunch, so I open a tin of Salmon and have that with a bread roll, yes folks I can now eat bread although it has to be in the form of a roll, I still have trouble eating slices of bread as I still find them too stodgy, to swallow that is why I have to toast it, anyway I enjoy lunch and then at 2.00 I go for a 30 minute lie down before coming back onto the laptop to get todays journal written and posted.

So that is about it for today people, not a very interesting day but a very nice restful day. So tomorrow I have to go for my yearly flue jab and then on Tuesday I have my Pulmonary Function Test but apart from that it will be a restful week, Pauline and gordon are away on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so no outings for shopping this week, everything was got yesterday when I was out with Gervase. and as the day is coming to an end so the rain has stopped and the Sun has come out as you can see from the Photo below which I have just taken from the live web cam.

Portsmouth at 16.50 this evening.
So on that note I am going out into the rear courtyard to have a coffee in the sun so will say goodbye on this nice sunny evening .

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