Thursday, October 18, 2012

A very dull Thursday.(Thank you Chris)

Good morning one and all and welcome to Thursday, the day before "Freaky Friday" not such a nice day today very dull and dismal with a keen breeze blowing but thankfully the overnight rain has now passed us by and is heading East.
Portsmouth at 9.35 this morning.
So again a decent sleep. in fact I only woke once during the night to use the bathroom, but had a bit of a headache, so had a couple of glasses of water and that seemed to cure it, it is all down to This time of the year, the atmosphere was heavy and thundery last night and that coupled with The central heating drying out the air in the flat leads to mild dehydration, at least I know what it is and what the cure is.

Anyway dropped back off to sleep again and woke at about 7.15 so lazed until 7.45 then got up made the obligatory coffee and into the lounge to watch the morning news before Jo the carer arrives at 8.50. Jo is having a busy day today so gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way to her next client, while I get some Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Breakfast Biscuits with a banana for Breakfast and then text Pauline.

Delivery for Gordon
Pauline phones back to say that the Radiator for Gordon,s Jaguar car was being delivered today so she may be late getting here, That is not a problem as I am having a DM day today so I don't really feel up to going down town shopping so we decide that she will text me when it is delivered and then she will get a taxi to mine and we can get what we need in the local shops, so that seems a plan to me.

Pauline texts at about 11.50 to say the chap delivered the radiator for the Jag, so she will get a taxi to me at about 12.30 so I get a shave and get dressed ready for when Pauline gets here then go online to check out my e-mails and facebook. Pauline arrives at about 12.30 and has brought my laundry back with her so that is Ok, anyway we decided to get the shopping that we wanted in the local Lidl store and Tesco Express. we get the wheelchair out and off we go to Lidl. in Goldsmith Avenue.
Lidl Goldsmith Avenue, Portsmouth
we spend about 45 minutes to an hour in lidl just browsing the shelfs and getting the items we want, lidl is not a bad store and the prices are very good but the range of items are limited but they are good for the Basic items anyway we get what we want from there and then we pay for the items and then make our way down Goldsmith Avenue, past the flats and stores at the pompey centre towards Tesco Express.
The flats on Goldsmith Avenue
The Pompey Retail Centre
at the Pompey centre you will find various DIY Stores, Carpet shops, a Gym, Garage, A McDonalds, Subway, and KFC. also on the other side of the road is Fratton Park Football Stadium.
Anyway we make our way to Tesco Express in Goldsmith Avenue, we don't want much here so I wait outside in the wheelchair while Pauline goes in to get what we want and then we make our way home.
Tesco Express.
once indoors we get the shopping put away and I make a coffee each and we have a couple of Sausage rolls each for lunch as it is almost 2.30. after that we have a fresh cream doughnut each and as you can see from the photo below Pauline really enjoyed her,s
Don't blame me if you put on weight Pauline
I also think that Pauline pinched the larger doughnut when I was not looking, anyway after lunch and a chat I phone for a Taxi to take pauline home and then I go for a cat nap for an hour. at 4.00 I get up and make a coffee and then get the vegetables prepared ready for dinner and then get this Journal started. Gervase phones at 4.30 to say he will be in to see me on the way home from work about 6.30 so I am now going to get this Journal Posted as it is nearly 6.00 pm and then I will have a rest and watch some TV as I still feel a bit under the weather. so until tomorrow I will say cheerio.

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