Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A very Busy day today.

Hello and welcome to a better day today on the weather front, apparently according to the experts ???? at the weather centre today is going t be a day of Sunshine and blue skies, before tomorrow brings the return of torrential rain and strong winds, which will stay with us into the weekend.
The weather girl
anyway it looks as though the forecast may be correct as the weather in Portsmouth at 8.30 this morning is looking OK , a bit cloudy but I think that will soon lift.
Portsmouth Harbour at 8.30 this Morning.
However that is for later on, I slept pretty well last night after a nice Evening down with Gervase and leanne. once Pauline,s appointment at the Hospital,was over we got a Taxi back down to her place and I had a cup of coffee with her and then gordon got home from work, I had some chicken soup and a yoghurt as I had my main meal at lunch time yesterday, And then at 7.30 I went down to Gervase and leanne,s as they live in the same road as Pauline. Pauline lives at one end of the road and Gervase lives at the other end.
The road where Pauline and Gervase live.
My Morning coffee
Anyway I woke at 6.30 this morning stayed in bed until 7.45 and then went and made a coffee and took into the lounge to wait for Jo my carer who arrived at 8.45. While I was waiting I checked out my emails and facebook on the computer. once Jo had me washed and groomed she was on her way and I text Pauline to let her know all is OK, Pauline phones back to say she will book a taxi for 11.45 to come and get me to go down to the city centre to get a few bits and pieces done and then we can do a big shop at morrisons tomorrow.

The reason Pauline will be down later today is that Pauline,s Brother-in-Law Colin comes in to see me on a wednesday morning, He brings Pauline,s Nephew Stewie down for a medical appointment at the medical Centre just round the corner from me and always comes in for a chat for an hour between 10.30 and 11.30. anyway at 11.40 colin leaves to collect stewie and at 12.50 Pauline phones to say she is on the way.

Once pauline gets here we get the wheelchair into the taxi and then we are of down to the city centre. The tAxi drops us off at the guildhall square as I need to go into the civic offices and Pay my Carer bill for September.
Guildhall Square Today.
Portsmouth Guildhall at 12.10 today
once I have paid that bill we then make our way up past the railway station to commercial rad Precinct as I need to go into the Bank and also get a couple of bits and pieces in Debenham,s.
Pauline and Portsmouth & Southsea railway station.
As we go past the railway station to the precinct I try and ship Pauline out on a train but she won't go so it looks as though I am stuck with her for the afternoon LOL.

Once we have been in Debenham,s and the Bank we go into "Waterstones" book shop and have a coffee and I then order a book on "Anti-Inflammation diets" using a couple of Book tokens I had and then we are off over to Wilkinson,s. so Pauline can get some bits and Pieces.
Waterstones Commercial Road Precinct, Portsmouth.
After Wilkinson,s we take the medicines I no longer lead back into boots Chemist to be disposed of, and then we go into the Nationwide building Society, after that we make our way down to the other end of the precinct to "Greggs" to get a coffee and a Snack, I have a Chicken Slice which is very tasty and Pauline has a Sausage roll and we both have coffee,s.
Northern end of the Precinct
The Start of the  Northern end of the precinct by lake road Entrance
once we have had lunch we make our way back down the precinct to Marks and Spencer and then we get the taxi back home, Once at home we get the shopping put away, and then have a coffee before Pauline makes her way home. Once pauline has Gone I make another coffee and then get started on this daily journal. It is now 6.10 and nearly time to sort out my dinner, It is a Marks & Spencer Chicken Korma tonight, nice and easy after a busy day. so I am going to finish of here and say tatty bye until tomorrow.

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