Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Sunny Tuesday

Portsmouth at 8.45 this Morning.
The morning Breakfast news.
Well Hello again and welcome once again to my daily Journal.  the weather today is very Sunny but with a cold wind blowing in of the sea. Not a bad nights sleep last night, woke at 4.30 for the bathroom and then dozed on and off until 8.15 when I decided that I had better get up ready for when Jo my carer arrives, So made a nice hot coffee and sat in the lounge with the heating on and watching the breakfast news on the TV.

Party girl Jo
Jo my carer arrives at about 8.50, she is a bit fragile today as apparently she had too much to drink last night, I said that her friends made her drink too much, Now that is the same excuse I used to give to my mum in 1961, Times and excuses never change. Anyway it does not take Jo long to get me washed and groomed and then she makes her way to the next client and I get some breakfast and then send the morning text to Pauline.

Getting Ready for shopping
Once I have finished Breakfast I check out my emails and facebook and have a few games of Words with friends and then Pauline rings to say all is Ok and that she has booked a Taxi for 10.45 to collect me and then we will be down to the City Centre to get some shopping done. It is now nearly 10.00 am so I need to have a shave and get dressed ready for when Pauline comes with the Taxi.

Pauline arrives with the Taxi at 10.55 and we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go down to the City Centre, once we get there we get dropped of in Paradise Street and then first stop is the Nationwide Building Society, we then make our way up to the Arundel Street section of the Precinct which is to the Southern End of the Main Precinct.
Arundel Street Precinct. Portsmouth City Centre
It looks like that some of the trees are taking there time to change colour this autumn, anyway Pauline Goes and has a look in the "Heart Foundation Charity Shop" while I stay outside in the Sunshine.
Heart Foundation Shop
Once pauline comes out we go over to Jessop,s to have a look at small compact cameras as I have had to get rid of my SLR as it was too heavy for me to manage, anyway I looked at a small compact camera with a x15 zoom which is ever so light so probably will get something along those lines, anyway once out of there we go into Wilkinsons.
Wilkinsons in the Arundel street Precinct
Also noticed that they have started to put up the christmas tree at the end of the precinct, every year they start to prepare earlier for Christmas, It is all about money these days. Once we have got what we want in Wilkinsons we make our way into Tesco to get the food shopping and also to have some lunch. pauline has a Cheese and Tomato Toastie, and I have two Sausage,s  Chips and Beans and we both have a Latte Coffee. It was very tasty and after we have finished lunch we complete our shopping, Pay for it and get a taxi back home.
All that was left of my Sausage Chips and Beans.
Pauline and my dirty Laundry
Once back home we get the shopping put away and then I make a coffee, after coffee Pauline sorts out my Laundry to take and then gets a Taxi home, she also changed my bedding for me, Thank you Pauline.
Once that is Sorted I phone for a Taxi to take Pauline home and then after making a coffee I check facebook and get todays Journal started,  Well I had a Chicken Chow mein for dinner last night, it was very tasty and I enjoyed it, unfortunately my digestive system had rebelled against it so that is a No No in the future, but it was worth a try, I am still getting over that massive roast dinner I ate on Sunday, anyway that is about it for today It is nearly 4.10 in the afternoon so I am going to get this Journal published before going for a lie down and ten a light meal this evening after a large Lunch in Tesco, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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