Sunday, October 28, 2012

End of british summer time.

Yes it is now official, British summer time is officially over, To which all you British people shout in Unison, " What Bl@@@y Summer"

Clock went back last night.
Anyway I hope everyone in Great Britain remembered to put their clocks back an hour last night otherwise you will have been up this morning an hour before you needed to be. anyway, after doing the clocks I had a relatively good nights sleep last night and was up and in the lounge by 8.30 this morning which was nice, I watched a bit of TV news before getting some breakfast and sending the morning text to Pauline and also sending a text to Gervase.

Once pauline had phoned back and had a chat I make a coffee and then check out facebook and my emails before going round to get the Morning paper from Tesco Express. The weather is wet and dull today so soon back indoors ready t watch the Bupa Great South Run which is live on channel 5 TV. The Great south Run is a 10 mile road race/run which takes place every year. there are 25,000 people taking part today and the majority are running to raise funds for charities.
one of the many waves of Runners starting the 10 mile race.
my Son Gervase is running this race today He is running to raise funds for Cancer Research, as his Mum Christine lost her life to breast cancer in 1993 when gervase was only 12 , anyway I am so proud of him, he ran last year and is also running this year,so way to go Gervase.

well at about 12.50 I get a text from Gervase to say that he has finished the run and he ran it in 1 hour 50 minutes which is about 4 minutes faster than he did last time. He has got a just giving page up for donations and I will put the link at the end of todays journal but well done Gervase. Proud of you Son.

 Right now I watched it live on TV and never saw any sign of gervase but when you think there were 25000 runners that is not surprising, anyway as it is 1.00 it is time to get myself some lunch so I am going to make myself a bacon and cheese omelette, so thank goodness for my Microwave omelette maker, all I need to do is fry and cut up a couple of rashers of bacon, grate some cheese, beat a couple of eggs and leave the rest to technology, and Hey Presto one tasty omelette with a couple of crisp bread.
Todays Lunch.
well That was so very tasty, anyway it is now 1.30 and time for an afternoon movie, the Movie I am going to watch today is "The Ghost of Greville Lodge" this is a good movie and I have seen it earlier this year it stars George Cole and Prunella Scales and was made in 2000.
Todays Afternoon Movie
 Well today has been a good day, so now I am going to get this journal finished and posted, and then get the washing up from lunch done before settling down to read the Paper and do the crosswords, and then it will be time for evening dinner and ready for tonight,s episode of "Downton Abbey" and it looks like it is going to be a good one tonight.
So I will leave you with comic strip number number 6 for "Myo Man Dreams"

And for anyone who would like to make a donation in aid of Cancer Research on my son Gervase Smith,s, Just giving page as he took part in the Bupa Great South Run Today a 10 mile road race his Just giving page is at

So until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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