Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Rainy Shopping Thursday

And to the tune of Buddy Hollies, "Raining in my Heart"
The Sun,s Not Out, The Skies Not Blue.
And I Am Stuck Here, On The Loo. 
And its Raining, Raining Hard outside 

Its Shopping Day, We Go Down Town
And Pauline,s Wearing, Her New Gown.
And Its Raining, Raining Hard Outside.

Oh! Misery, Misery ee ee.
Now I Want, Another  Pee ee.

The Taxi Diver, In A Mood.
We Filled His Taxi, With Our Food
It's Still Raining, Raining Hard Outside.

A very wet day today.
Well it been a very wet day today, it was raining about 7.00 this morning when I woke up and it has been raining ever since, in fact this afternoon it started to get more persistent so not a good day today, I have a feeling winter is approaching fast. the trouble is at this time of the year when the central heating is being used I suffer from dry and sore throats so must really look at investing in a humidifier this year, I said that last year and didn't but really must get one sorted out for this year.
Sore Throat
Anyway, I got up about 7.45 and made my morning coffee and then into the lounge to await Jo my Carer who turns up full dressed in her waterproofs and not happy about the weather, anyway we have a chat and then she break,s the News that she is leaving the care Company as she is fed up with the way they treat the staff and that she has a new job as a assistant in a school for children with learning difficulties, anyhow she is handing her notice in today and will be leaving in 2 weeks time, I will be sorry to see her go.
It's Raining cats and Dogs Jo
Once Jo has got me washed and groomed I get some Wheatabix and a Banana for breakfast and then send a text to Pauline. pauline phones back to say she has just taken misty out for the Morning walk and she is drenched to the skin, She will book a taxi for 11.15 and we will go straight to Morrisons  down at the Victory Retail Park in the city to get our shopping as we have quite a bit to get today.
Misty enjoying her "Walkies" in the Rain NOT
Once Pauline is off the phone I settle down for an hour with the computer and check out my e-mails, I see I have several hundred thousand Dollars to collect from various lottery wins and legacy,s, all they need is my bank details to send me the money. " seems a good deal to me" so sent my details of my bank account with the " Porky Spam Bank on the Isle of Looser,s" and will sit back and wait for all those dollars to come rolling in.

Spam and more spam
Once I have deleted all the Spam E-mails and answered all the real ones I go on facebook until 10.30 when I go and get a shave and then get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives with the taxi. Pauline arrives at about 11.25 and we get the wheelchair loaded and then off we go to Morrison,s. it is one of the regular drivers so we have a good old chat and laugh on the way to Morrison,s.
Morrisons in Portsmouth City.
Once in Morrisons we go around and get the shopping it is a fairly big shop today and takes about an hour or so, once we have the shopping in the trolley we then store the trolley and go into the cafeteria to have a nice Latte Coffee and a Sausage roll each which goes down a treat, once we have finished that we go and pay for the shopping and go outside and Phone for a Taxi to take us home.
Our Taxi Home
Well the taxi arrives and we seem to have a Driver with an attitude, he is not one of the regular drivers and I do not think he really enjoys his job but there we go he has to put up with me for the journey back home, anyway he seems to have lightened up a bit by the time we get back home which is all of about 10 minutes so anyway once indoor,s we get the shopping put away, Pauline brought my laundry back with her today including all my shirts neatly ironed and we have a coffee, then we phone for a taxi to take Pauline back home.
So that is about the end of a very wet day. Once Pauline left I went and had a lie down at about 2.45 and fell asleep for an hour woke at 3.50 and made a coffee and then came and started this Journal, that is why it is late today, it is now 6.00 pm and it has just stopped Raining, anyway Gervase phoned on his way home from work, he is coming in to see me on his way home when his train gets into Portsmouth, and I need to get this journal posted onto my blog and then think about getting dinner ready so Until Tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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