Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A nice Tuesday shopping today.

Everyone loves morning coffee
And here we are again, another Tuesday, and another visit to the Vampire for my blood test, and then off down to Commercial road for a little bit of shopping as I also need to buy a vase today as well. anyway the weather is a lot brighter today and I slept pretty well last night after a nice Birthday Monday and woke about 6.15 this morning. Lazed in bed until 7.45 and then made my way into the lounge to watch the morning breakfast news, and to see if a carer arrives today.

On the phone to Pauline.
well at least the carer has arrived today although she had my old address, and had to phone the care agency office to get the correct address. she was a very pleasant lady and we had a nice chat and then she got me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead, anyway once she had left I got some weetabix for breakfast and then sent the morning text to Pauline. Pauline phones back to say that she has booked a taxi for 10.10 to collect me to go for my blood test at Eastney Health Centre AKA "The House of the Vampire"

Once I had finished speaking to Pauline I get on the laptop and check out facebook and also my emails and then at 9.30 start to get dressed ready for when Pauline comes at 10.10 with the taxi for me, I have a nice new jumper to wear today which is one of the presents Gervase and leanne bought me for my birthday, anyway I am all ready at 10.00 so have a quick coffee before Pauline arrives and once the taxi is here we are off to the doctors, as my appointment for my blood test is at 10.30. we arrive at 10.25 and go in to see the nurse at 10.40. Debbie the usual person that takes my blood is off this week as it is the school half term so it is a practice nurse today.

Once we are out of the health centre I phone for a taxi to take us home to collect the wheel chair and then off down to the city centre to get some shopping and, and one of the things I need to buy today s a vase as My Neighbour Kim, brought me a nice bunch of flowers for my Birthday and dropped them into to me yesterday evening, ( so Thank yo Kim, Chris, Megan and Molly) but I did not have a vase so need to buy one today, as I do enjoy flowers around the house. anyway we are soon down at the city centre ready to get some shopping done.
Commercial road Precinct this Morning
 It is very busy down here today, due to the school half term holiday this week anyway we make our way around and get some bits and pieces and get a very nice Vase in the shape of a jug . I chose this as it has the handle that makes it a lot easier to carry, I got it in Wilkinsons, it is a glazed pottery one and was on £4.00, we then make our way back down the precinct to Marks and Spencer.
Another view from the Precinct in the Sunshine today.
In M&S we have a look round the food hall and I get some Clotted Cream rice puddings , real butter Eccles cakes for me and Gordon and a nice Chicken Korma for dinner tonight so bang goes the diet this week. anyway after that we go down to greggs to get a Sausage Roll and a coffee each for a lunchtime snack and sit outside in the warm sunshine to eat it.
Greggs in the Precinct.
once we are refreshed we then make our way in to Tesco to get the rest of the Basic shopping and then once we have that we get a taxi to take us back home. Once home we get the food put away and I make a coffee and pauline pinches a couple of my birthday chocolates, well one actually and then we get the Flowers from my Neighbour put into my new Vase and they look superb, I then phone for a Taxi to take Pauline back home and I make another coffee and settle down to get this Journal written.
My New vase and flowers.
Go Gervase Go
I have set the vase on my side table to hide most of my medication. anyway I get the Journal started and then Gervase Arrives to pay me a short visit as I will not be going round to them tonight as they are going out for a couple of hours, so he has walked up to pay me a visit. I asked him why he did not use the car and he said he enjoys the walk and it keeps his muscles working after his 10 mile run at the Great South Run on Sunday.

Well that was a good day today, the weather stayed nice all day, the Carer actually arrived "Eventually" the nurse had no problems drawing my blood and the shopping went well so all in all a successful day, now it is 5.15 and pointless is about to start so I am going to get this Journal posted and watch Pointless and then I will get dinner at 6.30 " a nice M&S Chicken Korma before a nice evening in front of the TV so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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