Friday, October 12, 2012

A Friday of Rest and Research

And here we are again another Friday and another dose of Methotrexate on the Horizon. it has been a funny week this week, with trips to Dentist, Hospital and Shopping among other things, so today is going to be a day of rest and I will probably try and get some family history research done.
Your Methotrexate Sir
Anyway up a bit earlier today as The yearly "Gas Safe Check" on the flat is being done today so as I was awake at 6.00 am I made a coffee and got up at 7.00 and into the kitchen to start to get the vegetables prepared ready to make a nice chicken casserole in my slow cooker for dinner tonight. It is about the time of the year that I start to use my "Slow Cooker" to make easy and tasty meals. so I get the Potato, Carrot, Swede, Parsnip,and Onion washed and peeled and along with the chicken thighs it is all put into the slow cooker and started to cook ready for 6.00  this evening.
The slow cooker in action today
 Anyway spot on 8.00 O'clock the gas fitter arrives, I am glad he is here at the start of the day and not the end, anyway he says it will take about 45 minutes to check it out which s good as that will be completed before Jo my carer arrives, in fact Jo arrives at about 8.50 just as he is finishing the Gas test so that is OK
Gas Fitter
Once the Gasman has left Jo gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way to her next client, I then get some Breakfast and send the morning text to Pauline to let her  Know all is OK, Pauline replies to say that she is up in Salisbury with Gordon, she always goes up with Gordon on a friday as it is a busy day for Gordon on a Friday and pauline works with him so that they can get the work done in a decent time. I then walk round to get a paper from the Paper shop and then once back home settle down to read the paper and do the cross words.
The Daily Paper.
Once the crosswords in the paper was completed I got the laptop up and running and as usual check out my emails and facebook, play a few facebook games such as "Words With Friends" and then get started on a couple of hours of Family History, I have been stuck on one ancestor since 2010, I have tried several times to try and find him, I looked at the 1911 census when it came on line in 2010 and found him stationed at Norwich Barracks in the 16th Queens Lancers

Richard hubbard 1911 Census
Richard Hubbard (sitting) with my Grandfather Frederick Hubbard c1912

and I also found his medal card on the National Archive Site, so I know he  was in France with the 16th Lancers in WW1 but I cannot find any trace of him since then, so the search goes on, he is not listed as a casualty in the war graves sites and my next job is to try and find his service record.
16th Queens lancers in Flanders WWI
This takes me up to 1.00 pm and time for lunch, so I have a Egg and Cheese salad which I got from Morrisons Salad bar yesterday for lunch, which was very tasty hopefully my digestive system will manage it OK, as it is only the second salad I have had in 2 years, I had a sardine salad last week and that was Ok so fingers crossed.
Morrisons salad Bar.( Stock Image)
Once I have finished lunch, I go for a cat nap for an hour and then once I am back up, Make a coffee, check the Casserole in the slow cooker which is doing great and smelling delicious, and then get this daily Journal started. Pauline Texts to say that her and Gordon are back in Portsmouth and going through a hailstorm by the ferry port, which is strange as It bright sunshine and blue skies here, but thats Portsmouth for you, we get strange weather patterns here on Portsea Island maybe because we are surrounded by the sea and only connected to the mainland by a couple of road bridges

Only 2.miles between hailstorms and Sunshine ?
Well that is about it for today folks, not that interesting but hopefully I will try harder tomorrow, nearly time for Pointless and then Dinner and the dreaded Methotrexate, so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio and leave you with the Blue sky over Portsmouth Harbour as seen by the live webcam at 4.20 this afternoon.

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