Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Its a "Down Town" Tuesday.

And here we are again on another Tuesday, How fast the weeks seem to fly by, again the weather is not that clever today but at least it is not as misty today and it is also dry and mild, although rather dull but ok for going down to the City centre for a little bit of shopping today.
Portsmouth at 8.00 this morning.
Morning Coffee
 Today I will be going down to the city centre with Pauline to get a little bit of shopping, not got much food shopping to get but I need a new Pillow for the bed and also have to pick up a book that I ordered from Waterstones. so at least it is going to be dry today.
It was a decent nights sleep last night although the back is aching a bit this morning, but apart from that all is OK, woke at 6.45 this morning and got up at about 7.45 and made the morning coffee and into the lounge.
Pauline on the Phone

Anyway as usual Jo my carer is back today, she arrives at 8.40 and soon has me washed and groomed. she is a bit sad as it is her last week working for the care agency and her last day is on Thursday, she has been a good carer and I will be sorry to see her go, anyway we will see what happens over the next couple of weeks.
once Jo has left I text pauline and she phones back to say that all is OK and that she will book a Taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me and then we will be off down to the city centre.

Getting Ready to go down Town
Once I have spoken to Pauline I get the laptop up and running and check out facebook and also my emails, and then I watch a bit of morning TV until it is 10.15 and then it is time to have a shave and get dressed ready for Pauline to arrive, Pauline sends a text at 10.55 to say she is on the way so I get the wheelchair out side the flat ready for when the taxi arrives with Pauline, we then get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off down to the city centre.

Once down the city centre we get the Taxi to drop us off at the back of Boots the chemist in the city precinct and then we go into the nationwide before going down to waterstones to pick up the book I ordered, I have ordered a book "Anti-inflammatory diet for Dummies" as I am looking to see what foods are recommended.

On first glance it seems that it should give me the information that I need anyway, the next stop is Barclays Bank and then Into Debenham,s to have a look at new Pillows, not Paying the prices they want so it is over to British Home Stores and see what they have, there prices are far better and I get a very nice Orthopaedic Pillow so that should do me, it was only £14.00 so a decent Price.
Orthopaedic Pillow from BHS
Once we have got that we make our way through the Cascade shopping arcade to Marks and Spencer,s where we get the shopping that we need, As I will be going down to see Gervase and Leanne this evening for an hour or so I get a ((((mice))) M&S Cottage pie with Cauliflower Cheese, Carrot and Peas ready meal so that will be easy to do.

Added 10.25 pm Tuesday 23rd October
Oops It was not a Mice cottage pie LOL Thank you Maureen Girr for letting me Know. For Mice read Nice.

M&S The Cascades shopping arcade
Well that is about it then, Once we are out of the cascades we go into boots the chemist to get a couple of items and then once back outside we Phone for a taxi to take us home, once indoors we get the shopping put away and then we have a coffee before Pauline makes her way back home and I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before starting to write todays Journal.

 So That is about it for today so Until tomorrow I will leave you wit Myo Man No. 3

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