Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday is Cleaning Day.

Well here we are again on another Monday, I missed not writing the Journal yesterday, but it would have been to much of a rush and after the meal and afternoon with Gervase and Company I was extremely lacking in energy. anyway it was a super day and a lovely Roast Dinner. The occasion was that Leanne,s mum Elaine  had a birthday on Wednesday so Gervase and Leanne cooked sunday Dinner for her and also invited me and Leanne,s dad "Dave"round as well. It was a full roast dinner of Roast Potato, Roast parsnip, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mashed Swede, Roast Chicken, Stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy. The biggest Meal I have eaten in almost 2 years and when you think that this time last year I was on a puree diet.
And afterward I had two helpings of tiramisu.
After Dinner Relaxation with the TV.

After dinner it was into the lounge to flop out on the sofa and watch some TV until 6.00 pm when Dave gave me a lift home.

Once home had a coffee and then had a lie down for an hour before settling down to watch some TV and at 9.00 Watched Downton Abbey  before heading of to bed. absolutely Knackered.
Downton Abbey
So Here we are on Monday and the day started very dull but has brightened up as the day goes on.
Portsmouth Harbour at 10.00 today showing the I.O.W. Car ferry arriving
and the Spinnaker Tower and Gunwharf behind
There is no carer on a Monday so although I was awake at 4.30 and then Dozed until 7.00 I lazed in bed with a coffee listening to the Local Radio, "Radio Solent" until 8.45 when I eventually got up and text pauline to let her know all is Ok.
Local Radio Station  "Radio Solent"
Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok and that they have Southern Electric coming round today to upgrade the electricity meter, but that Gordon should be round about 10.30 to 11.00 to get my cleaning done in the flat for me. so once I have spoken to Pauline I make another coffee and then get some Porridge for Breakfast.
Breakfast Today
Once i had Breakfast finished I washed up the breakfast things and got dressed I then decided to Phone southern Electric with a couple of queries about my online account, well talk about being put on hold, good job it was an 0800 number, I tried twice today and all you get is recorded messages and Out of date music, I think that they must be deluged from dissatisfied customers moaning about there Price rises just as winter is about to start. more expense for us the consumer, more big pay rises for the management.

On Hold again
Anyway I did not get through so will try later this evening when the soaps are on TV as the call centre is open until 8.00, unless they are all asleep at their desk,s anyway Gordon arrives at about 11.00 so I make a coffee and have a chat and then I go round to Tesco express to get some bits and pieces and gordon starts to get the cleaning done. I get the bits that I want and get back home, gordon goes through and cleans the kitchen, Bathroom Bedroom and lounge, we then have a coffee break with Biscuits supplied "free of charge" by me and then he vacuums through the lounge and Bedroom, and then cleans the  kitchen and bathroom floor and is soon all done. "Top Job Gordon". Thank You
Come on Gordon, No slacking Now
Once Gordon had gone at 1.00, I go for a lie down until 1.30 and then get some toast for lunch and some tinned Salmon, and also have a yoghurt, and then get on the laptop and get this Journal written, the weather stayed fairly decent today and is just starting to cloud over. and it looks like it may start to rain soon. anyway it is about time I got this journal Posted to my blog and then get a coffee made before checking emails and watching pointless on BBC1 at 5.15.
Spam made in Nigeria

So it has been a good day today and it went past really quickly, so now I need to get my shopping list done later ready for shopping with Pauline tomorrow. so until tomorrows journal I will say Cheerio.

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