Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Wednesday comes and Goes.

Well would you believe it, upon my soul, when I looked out the window.........

There they were, Digging a hole.
Hole in the Ground, Big and sort of round it was

So I said ............

Do you mind if I make a suggestion

Don't dig there, Dig it elsewhere
Your digging it round,  and it ought to be square.

And so the words in the song went, on the radio this morning when I woke up. They were playing the Bernard Cribbin,s song "Digging A hole" and after that they played "Right Said Fred" and that is how my day begun, well that and a few strange noises that kept coming and going but it did not take long to work out what that was either. LOL.

However that is me just starting off today as I mean to carry on, today is the last day of October and also it is Halloween, Oooooh Spooky.

So , it was a decent nights sleep last night and At 7.45 I get up and go to make a coffee before going into the lounge to watch the morning news on the TV, the picture of the great storm that is affecting east coast of the USA are frightening and I am thinking of all my Myositis friends over there and hoping they keep safe.

On The Laptop.
I have my coffee and then get the laptop up and running and check out the latest emails and also check out facebook, and catch up on my facebook games, oh what an exciting life we lead, anyway it is nearly 9.30 before the carer arrives today, this is another new carer that I have not seen before, but at least she came to the correct address, so that is an improvement, she gets me washed and groomed and then she is on her way.

Yummy Bacon and Egg
Once the Carer has gone I  text Pauline and then decide it is time to get breakfast and then I need to get dressed before Pauline,s Brother-in-law Colin arrives, He is bringing his son Stewie down for his appointment at the medical centre, so he is coming in for an hour for a chat and a cuppa, before taking him back home, anyway I fancy Bacon and Egg for breakfast so I cook up a couple of Rashers of bacon and an egg with a couple of crisp bread and a cup of tea.

After Breakfast I get dressed and then Pauline phones to say all is OK, and then Colin arrives about 10.25 and I make drinks and we have a nice chat, the hour goes by quite fast and soon Stewie rings to say he is ready to go home so off he goes so I get my shoes and coat on and go round to the tesco express to get a morning paper and also a snack for lunch time. The weather is very showery to day so I am straight there and back between the showers, once home I make a nice hot coffee and then settle down in the recliner to read the paper and do the crossword.

It is soon approaching 1.30 and it is time to have a lunch time snack as I am feeling Peckish,  While I was round Tesco earlier I purchased a 'chicken and Bacon tortilla, so I have that for lunch and it is very tasty and goes down a treat, it is easier to swallow than a sandwich so I am glad I got it, anyway once I have washed it down with a nice glass of  Blueberry and Raspberry Juice I go for a lie down for an hour, I always feel more tired in the afternoons that I do not take the Prednisolone, as I now only take 15 mg on Alternate days.

Well that was a nice lie down, had a cat nap for 45 minutes and now it is time to get todays Journal written and posted as the time is getting on, It has been a very quiet and lazy day today but it has been nice and relaxing, I spoke to Gervase earlier on, and they were out with friends yesterday evening and they had a nice photo taken and they were certainly enjoying themselves.
Gervase and Leanne out having fun.
Well that is about it for today I think, sorry it is a bit of a bland edition today I will try better tomorrow when we go off out down to Morrisons, anyway remember that it will be Trick and treat night tonight so beware of Witches, Ghosts and things that go bump in the night and enjoy yourself. so until tomorrow I will say

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