Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Flu Jab Tuesday

And here we are then folks and into Tuesday, not the best of weather today and the day of the yearly Flu Jab. I had a decent night last night but no lie in this morning as Jo the Carer will be round today so woke at about 6.30 this morning after staying up to watch the last episode of this series of "Mr Khan" so did not get to bed until 11.00.

Citizen Khan BBC1 
Well back to today and today and we have a message for a very special lady, requested by another very special Lady, This was requested by Christine Nixon who we all know from our Myositis Facebook groups. and known as "The Governor" .......

Leila and Christine
 Christine and I Send you Lots of Love for your Hospital appointment on Wednesday Leila, and I am so pleased that a lady as lovely as you take the time to read my blog. 

Jo driving
So here we are waiting for Jo my carer to arrive and she in fact arrives about 8.30 Jo is full of beans as she brought a car over the weekend and now all she has to do is learn to drive. apparently her dad is going to teach her so hopefully he has a lot of Patience.

Once jo has left I get some Belvita Breakfast biscuits with a banana and a Yoghurt and then text Pauline, to let her know all is OK here. Pauline texts back to say they are on the way to her sisters with Misty and then will be off down to Weymouth.
Weymouth Harbour
Once Pauline has text back I go and get a shave and get dressed and then phone to bool a Taxi for 10.20 to go to the Eastney Health Centre for my annual Flu jab. while I am waiting for the taxi I get the laptop out and check out facebook and my emails and then once the taxi arrives we are off to the health centre.

Well that was the shortest wait ever in a Health Centre, I got there about 10.25 and was back outside phoning for a taxi to take me back home at 10.35. anyway got the taxi to drop me off at the Tesco Express to get a paper and a bread roll and then walked back to the flat and was back indoors by 11.00. so that was all done and dusted so now a day of rest and TV.
Tesco Express.
Spent a couple of hours watching a film on TV "Dawn Anna" starring Debra winger and Alex Van. This is a 2005 TV Movie, a very emotional film but very enjoyable.
Dawn Anna 2005 TV Movie
A 30 minute Cat Nap
During one of the commercial breaks at 1.00 I got some chicken soup and a fresh crusty bread roll to dunk in it and had that for lunch, and after the film I went for a cat nap for 30 minutes before making a coffee and getting this Journal written. so that is about my day, very restful apart from the Flu Jab, so now it is 4.30. Gordon Phoned to say they had arrived at Weymouth OK, it took about 90 minutes to drive from Portsmouth to Weymouth.

 So now I am going to say tatty bye until tomorrow and get this journal posted.

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