Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Its another Poetic Wednesday

Another Wednesday comes along.
I wake up to a happy song
Life is looking good today
I lie in bed and shout Hooray.

I had my flu jab yesterday
And no reaction pleased to say.
Then last night went and saw my son
and that is always lots of fun.

So now its time, to rise and shine
Must get up now, it is the time
To get on facebook, Poke a friend.
I think I'm going round the bend.

And on that note Welcome to Wednesday folks

Is this a distant relative
not a bad nights sleep last night. Not as long as I was sleeping at the start of the week so I must have caught up with my busy couple of weeks, my cousin Maureen travels up to Heathrow Airport later this afternoon and they are flying back to Canada tomorrow, it was so nice seeing her and also enjoyed the family get together, I am hoping next year that it may be possible to travel over to Canada to see them and maybe other Maternal and Paternal Relations in Canada, but we will have to see how my treatment is going at that point.

Is it Raining Cats and Dogs Jo ?
Once I am out of Bed at 8.00 I get a coffee made and then into the lounge to watch the Breakfast news on BBC 1 and also to check out my emails and see who is around on facebook before Jo my carer arrives at 8.40, Jo is not happy about the weather as it is very showery and she is getting wet cycling between clients so we have to get her coat dried out a bit for her while she is getting me washed and groomed for the Lazy day ahead.

Once Jo has left I get some Porridge for breakfast and then Text Pauline to let her know all is OK and that I got the Photo,s she text to me last night from Weymouth. The Photo,s were taken at a pub that they went to with friends last night.

One of Pauline,s Photographs.
Anyway Pauline text back to say they are having a lie in this morning as they were up until 2.00 am this morning with friends chatting, I think that they have really got Hangovers LOL. anyway I watch a bit of TV and then take a walk round to the Tesco Express to get the morning Paper and then back home to get the crosswords done.

About 11.30 Gordon Phones to see if all is OK and to say that they are just about to go out to Weymouth to look around the shops, once gordon is off the phone I make a coffee and have a couple of Biscuits and watch some old episodes if Diagnosis Murder while doing a bit of Family history research online. then at 1.30 I go and get a couple of Poached eggs on toast for lunch.

`after lunch I go for a cat nap for 30 minutes and then the postman delivers the mail, he is running late, in amongst the post is an envelope from the Myositis support group, with the october flyer and the details of the 2013 conference which is being held at the Holiday Inn, Oxford. it is the 25th Anniversary Gala dinner and conference . the dinner is on Saturday the 20th July and the conference on Sunday 21st July.
The holiday Inn Oxford. venue for the 2013 conference.
As some of you Know I mentioned that after I had made the move into the flat and had got myself sorted I would be thinking about making a series of  short animated Myositis awareness movies. just to update you on how that is progressing, well I have just about got myself settled in now and settled on using "Stop Motion Animation" and  hope to start getting the story line and storyboard for the first one on the go next week, with a release date of probably March/April next year. but I will post regular updates in this daily Journal to let you know how it is progressing

That is about it for today so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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