Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Remembering Saturday

I have decided that although it is a day when I feel a bit down and low, there is no need not to write my daily Journal. It is 19 years ago today that I lost my wife christine to Cancer, but I know in my heart that she would want me to carry on as normal as that was the type of person she was, A true fighter and throughout the 7 years she battled cancer she never once lost her sense of direction, Christine was a primary school teacher and even when she was having Radio therapy in the early stages she used to have her treatment and then go into work and teach. she worked right up until 6 months before she passed away and for 5 of those months she kept in contact with her school and her class. the photo below was taken on our wedding day in 1977 at the Portsmouth registry office,  so keep watching over us Chris and shine a light on our path as you always did.
 So Here we are on another Saturday, The weather when I woke this morning was not very nice and it was horrible weather last night with torrential rain and high winds that woke me several times through the night, but that had started to ease by the time I woke at 7.30 and now at 1.45 it is a brilliant sunny and mild day

Portsmouth at 1.45 this afternoon
As I said I woke at 7.30, made a coffee and then went into the lounge to watch the breakfast news on the TV. Jo my carer arrives at 8.45 and is full of the joys of spring ( Wrong season I know) as she is up to london for the weekend at lunchtime to see her boyfriend. once she has me washed and groomed she is on her way so I text Pauline and then get some Toast and Marmalade for Breakfast, it is so nice to have my swallowing almost back to normal.

A Happy Misty
Once Breakfast is over I have a shave and then get dressed, Pauline phones to say that all is ok with them and Misty is Happy to be back home, as Misty was up with Pauline,s sister Fran while they were down in Weymouth and they picked Misty up after they finished work Yesterday. Anyway she and Gordon had a bit of a lie in today , so that is ok

Leanne and gervase Phone to make sure that I am OK, and then I take a walk round round to the Tesco Express to get a paper, and then back home to make a nice coffee and fire up the laptop to check emails and Facebook, there were some very nice messages on facebook from family and also from my Myositis friends from around the world. I then decide to spend a couple of hours working on the scrapbook for Gervase. I started this about 3 years ago but stopped when I was so ill and now I think It is time I started it again and get it made up for him. Below are the cover and the first two pages of the scrap book.
Cover of Scrapbook

Our Wedding Day

Gervase is Born
In between working n the scrapbook I get some Lunch and today I am trying something that I used to enjoy and that I have not tried since my Dysphagia kicked in 2 years ago, I had 5 Cream Crackers, Cheddar Cheese, and Apple slices and Grapes. Oh that was so nice, needed some extra drink to help wash it down but it was so nice "Mature Cheddar Cheese" is my favourite.

So there we are that is about my day today, not a lot happening, so it is now getting near to 3.30 so I will finish of this Journal and get it posted and then off for a catnap before dinner and an evening of TV. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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