Monday, October 8, 2012

A trip to the Dentist today.

And hello to all you happy people, and here we are again at the start of another week and  today is the start of my dental treatment and I am not looking forward to it one little bit, I have never been a lover of dentists but over the last 18 months of Prednisolone and Methotrexate my teeth have taken a hammering and so there is a lot of dental work to be carried out starting today " Scary"
"Ouch, Ouch, B@@@@y Ouch"

However back to the start of the day, As it is Monday I have no carer today so I have a lie in and get up at 8.30. I slept pretty well last night, woke a couple of times during the night but basically it was a good nights sleep.
A good Nights sleep

Anyway once I am out of bed, I get some breakfast and a coffee and then I text Pauline to say that all is OK here and that Eileen and Chris will be down at 10.45 this morning to take me to the dentist, and Pauline phones Back to say that she and Gordon will be round at 11.00 to get the cleaning done for me and that she will also be taking her car to have its MOT Done at Mr Clutch which is just down the road from me.
MOT For Pauline,s Car
Once Pauline is off the phone, I go and get a shave and get dressed and then settle down with the laptop and check out face book and my emails, it is not a nice day here today as it is a bit damp and misty as you can see from the live web cam photo taken at 9.25 this morning and it is now 10.15.
Portsmouth at 9.25 this Morning.
Once I have checked emails I go through the post, nothing of interest, No bills for a change, the only thing of importance was the paperwork that needs to be signed and returned with regards to my Adult social care assessment from last month so I get that signed and I can take that into the civic offices when I go down town with Pauline on Wednesday.
Well would you believe it,It's Postman Pat
Anyway  I get back to Facebook and then at 10.50 Eileen and Chris arrive in their van to take me to the Dentist, So they come in for 10 minutes and just as we are about to leave at 11.00 o,clock Pauline and Gordon Arrive to get some cleaning done and also for Pauline to take her Car for its MOT at 12.00 o,clock, anyway off we go down to the Dental Surgery in Outram Road, about a 10 minute drive.
Outram Road Dental Surgery, Southsea.
Once we get there, Chris drops me and Eileen off outside the surgery and then goes to park the little van, me and Eileen go and report into the waiting room, and then Chris comes in, After about 5 minutes the Nurse comes to get me and In I go, anyway all that the dentist did today was to take 5 X-Rays of the teeth/roots that need to come out and then did some plaque removal so that was not to bad, I have another appointment at the end of October when he will extract one of the roots and do some more cleaning.
Glad that is Over
 So Now we are back out and made the next appointment we head home,for a nice cup of coffee, that did not take long as it is just on 12.00 as we get home and Pauline is just leaving to take her car up to Mr Clutch for its MOT. I make some coffee,s and we all have a coffee and then Gordon just finishes of vacuuming the bedroom and then cleans the kitchen and bath room floor, and eileen and Chris make a move home. so everything is now spick and span, Pauline comes back at 2.00 and the car has passed its MOT so all is well, Pauline has a coffee and then She and Gordon Make a move back home and Pauline takes my dirty washing with her.
A lot of Laundry this week Pauline
Once Pauline and Gordon are Gone I get my self some tinned sardines, with a small salad and then start to get this journal written and now it is 4.00 pm and I am going to get this journal finished for the day and then have a lie down for 30 minutes before making a coffee and watching Pointless on TV and then at 6.00 it will be time to get dinner ready for today, and dinner tonight is Chicken fillet with a nice winter veg stir fry.
A Nice Stir Fry
 Well that is it for the day so until tomorrow I will say

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