Saturday, October 27, 2012

The ups and downs of a Sunny Saturday.

And a very warm welcome to another Saturday, This is the last Saturday of the Month and it is also the weekend that British summertime ends and that means that at 2.00 am tomorrow morning the clocks go back one hour so an extra hour sleep tonight. 
Phone call from Gervase
It was a decent nights sleep last night but if I knew at 7.45 what I know Now I would have stayed in bed for another hour, as it was I got up at 7.45 and made a coffee and then in to the lounge to watch the Breakfast news on BBC1 and to wait for my carer to arrive. I wondered if it would be Hannah again today or another new carer anyway no carer had arrived by 9.15 so I decided to wait until 9.30 and then phone the out of hours phone line to see what was happening . anyway at 9.20 my mobile phone rings and it is my son Gervase asking if all was Ok as the care company had phoned to say I was not answering the door to their carer.

Angry phone call on  Monday
to Adult Social care.
This really is the last straw as no carer had arrived today, let alone knocked at my front door, anyway assures Gervase that I am ok and phone the weekend phone number for the care company. I speak to a supervisor who assures me that the carer had been and got no reply and that my phone number was not recognised, I then ask her to what address the carer had been sent to and as I suspected it was to my old address, ( at this point I will not divulge what I said to her as it may offend you all) however I was not pleased as you will remember I had a meeting here at home a few weeks ago between me, the care company and Adult social services and these problems were highlighted then and I have the resulting paperwork from this meeting here with me now, so I will be phoning Portsmouth city Council Adult Social care on Monday to make an official complaint and asking for another meeting. 

To say I am not pleased is an Understatement and I am sorely tempted to contact the local press, as if it is happening so often to me then it is probably happening to more vulnerable people than me who cannot speak up for themselves. At least I have kept all the relevant documentation regarding previous complaints and outcomes. so hopefully Adult social care will look to see if the care company are capable of running a care company.

Well that is my Rant over for today, so back to the weather. today is a far nicer day than yesterday and although a lot colder at 9.45 I took a photo outside in my Back yard to show how nice and sunny the weather was today here in Portsmouth.
From my back yard at 9.45 this morning.
Once I had calmed down a bit I got some porridge for breakfast and then got on the laptop and checked out Facebook and my emails before getting dressed and going round to Tesco Express to get my Daily Paper, it is very bitter outside with a very strong Northerly wind blowing so do not stay out very long and then back indoors to make a nice coffee and to read the Paper.

At 1.00 I get myself a nice piece of Smoked haddock for lunch with 2 crispbread, and then at about 2.00 my brother Pat and my niece Melanie arrive to see me they stay for about an hour or so and have a coffee and a nice chat, I had spoken with Pat on Thursday evening and he had said they were coming down over the weekend, he brought a HDMI lead and an HDMI adaptor for the Macbook Pro so that I could connect my laptop to the TV to watch the movies and cartoons/animations from the NFBC site and also from the Internet Archive, it will be so much easier watching on a bigger screen than watching them on the laptop. 

From Macbook pro to TV via HDMI Adaptor and Lead.
Well all in all it has been a bit of a busy day today, once Pat and mel went I made a coffee and then decided to get this Journal written and posted before the movie "Space Jam" starts on the Gold Channel on TV at 5.00 then after that it will preparing and cooking dinner before an hour or so of Old Animated cartoon shorts from the early days of cinema via the Internet Archive Site. Betty boop Cartoons tonight I think.

Space Jam Movie 1996
First Betty Boop animation 1930 "Dizzy Dishes"
 So now that you have been totally bored I will say Bye Bye until Tomorrow.

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