Friday, October 26, 2012

A Day of Changes Today.

Well here we are again, another Freaky Friday arrives out of the blue, it creeps up  behind you when you are not looking and before you know it it's the end of another week.
Anyway enough of my stupidity, it is a day of change today (1) the weather has changed and (2) my carer has changed as Jo has now left to embark on a new career.

(1) so the weather has got a lot colder and very wet today, in fact it has got so wet the Live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour seems to have packed up working so I have added a Photograph I have just taken in my Back Yard.
Raindrops hanging on the rotary clothes line.
(2) and today I have a new carer, I was up at 8.00 as usual and in the lounge watching the Morning Breakfast news on the TV, and wondering if and what time a carer would arrive as I have not got a lot of faith in the organisation of the care company, if the organisation in the office was as good as the carer,s then there would be no problem,s. Anyway At 8.20 I see a young lady arrive on a cycle and she is a carer from Crescent, and she goes to my old house, so I go out and let her  know that I am now in this flat, as I know they have not changed the address on the client sheets they give the carer,s. Anyway her name is Hannah, a very pleasant young lady, so I give her my care plan and explain what needs doing and she gets on and gets me washed and groomed for the day and is then on her way. so I wonder if I will have a different carer tomorrow or if it will be Hannah Again ?

Jo Never used to Wash my face and Neck like this
 Once Hannah Had finished she went of to her next client and I get some weetabix for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her know all is OK, Pauline phones back to Say they have just arrived in Salisbury and about to start the first job and also that it is raining up there as well as it is down here, anyway once we are of the phone I get the laptop up and running and check my emails and Facebook before settling to watch some old episodes of "My Family" on the TV.starring Zoe Wanamaker and Robert Lindsay from 2000. It is being shown on the "Watch Channel" My Family was a Sitcom shown on BBC1 from 2000 to 2011.
My Family TV Sitcom.
Well I enjoyed a couple of episodes and then at 12.00 I went for a lie down until 1.00 to catch up on some sleep, after that I got up and thought that I would get myself some lunch, but what to have was the question,  well I decided that I would be naughty and give myself a treat so I had 3 Rashers of bacon and a fried egg with 2 crispbread, that is the first time I have had bacon and egg in nearly 2 years, so really did enjoy it but now it must be sensible eating for the next few days.

Todays "Naughty Lunch"
The only problem with having bacon and egg is that you have to wash up afterwards, so that was the next thing to do before making a nice cup of tea and then settling down to get todays Journal written and Posted, one other decision is do I now have a desert or not. it is a choice of either a lemon cheese cake or a low fat yoghurt, I think under the circumstances it will have to be a low fat yoghurt, as I am wanting to keep my weight below 12.5 stone and lighter than gordon, that is why my plan is to keep treating gordon to eccles cakes and gooey Treacle tarts, I got him some from Morrisons yesterday when we went shopping.

What will be will be 
In all Honesty I must admit that when we weighed ourselves on Monday Gordon was lighter than me. so I need to buy him more cakes and biscuits

Well I must now go and pack my case and get a flight to the other side of the world before Gordon and pauline see,s this cartoon, so on that note I will get this Journal posted and then think about what to have for dinner  tonight at 6.00 pm before taking my Methotrexate so until tomorrow I will say Adios Amigo and see you all tomorrow unless Gordon and Pauline get to me first.

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