Thursday, October 4, 2012

I am Being led Astray Today.

Insomnia Rules "OK"
Well what about that then, I was awake at 4.30 and on Facebook at 5.00 am Poking friends but I could not wake them up LOL. What a time to wake up after the last few days of good sleeps I forgot what it was like to be awake at that time of the morning on facebook and listening to the radio, still the good news is I got back of to sleep again at 6.00 until 7.30 when I got up and made a coffee and into the lounge t watch the Morning News on TV.

So now that we are back on track welcome to Thursday .............

It is now 8.00 am and it is a really nice day this morning, the sun is shining and hopefully it will stay that way as it is a busy (ish) day today.

Portsmouth at 8.00 am this morning.
Chris and Eileen
Today I have an appointment for a Pulmonary Function Test at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, My last one was in November last year so it will be interesting to see how this one goes. anyway as Pauline and Gordon are away down in Weymouth My Sister Eileen and her friend Chris are coming to take me to the Hospital and then to get some Shopping at morrisons on the way home.

Anyway Jo arrives at 8.45 and gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead, she also lets me know that although she will be here on Saturday She is not working tomorrow or Tuesday as she is up at the hospital with her dad for his appointments.

Angry Man
This should prove interesting to see if I (a) get a carer tomorrow and Tuesday and (b) what time they will arrive , because after the last few times of no carers or carers arriving late in the day I had a review with the Adult social care and The care company and they were told that they had to phone clients if there was a change in there regular carer or/and Time, and so far I have not received a phone call, and as I am paying 100% of my care cost I expect 100% service " Interesting day tomorrow if my carer is not here by 9.30 as my time (in writing) is 8.45 - 9.15.

Once Jo has left I text pauline and then I get a shave and get ready for Eileen and chris arriving.  Pauline phones to say that they will be leaving weymouth early this afternoon. Eileen and chris Arrive about 10.10 and we get the wheelchair loaded into their vehicle and then we are off up to the Hospital, My appointment is for 11.00 O,Clock we get into the department by 10.50 and spot on 11.00 O,Clock they come and get me and we go and do the Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) and I am back out in the waiting room by 11.20 Now that was the NHS at it,s best. The technician who carried out the tests said that on initial comparison with the readings from last November that there had been no change so that is good news at least the Methotrexate has not affected my lungs over the last year, so I can live with that.

Once we are out of the hospital we go to morrisons on the Eastern Road which is on the other side of Portsea Island than the one I normally go to  anyway as I am starting to try a "Anti-inflammatory diet I get a few supplies and a nice salmon fillet and a nice Rainbow trout fillet, and I am going to try the salmon with a nice vegetable stir fry. I also got led astray by Eileen and Chris into buying Cream cakes and Cheesecake. yoohooo, naughty I know and not very anti-inflammatory  but I could not resist, and I can celebrate a decent result on my lungs.

Morrisons Eastern Road Portsmouth (Stock Photo)

I must admit that the cream cakes were for Eileen and chris and the Cheese cake was for me, (2 actually) one today and one tomorrow. we had these when we had some lunch once we were home, and then Chris and eileen were on there way back to their craft Unit, and I went for a 30 minute cat nap.
Summer Fruit Cheesecake from Morrisons
Well that has been an excellent and pleasing day, decent hospital result for the lungs, nice pleasant sunny day, nice cake and a nice Cat nap.  Leanne text me  to see how it went on at the Hospital. Pauline text about 3.30 to say they were on the way home, so I will now get this journal finished  and Posted and it is now 4.50 and Pauline just rang to say that they are just coming into Portsmouth. so until tomorrow I will say Au Revoir in a french accent

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