Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Dreamy Sunday.

Hello  again folks and here we are on a dull but dry Sunday morning,  as I do not have a carer come on a Sunday it means I can have a lie in and listen to the morning radio show.  anyway had a good nights sleep last night from about 11.30 through until 7.30 this morning and only woke up once to go to the bathroom, anyway had a weird dream last night about "Cakes" and as I was listening to Herman,s Hermits on the Radio this morning I felt propelled to cartoon it and here is the result.

Guess its a No Show
Anyway back to the realities of life and as one says, all good things must come to an end "Or a start" as the case may be anyway had a Good Night,s sleep last night, A good Tasty Dream, and a good Lie in and to cap it all "I am now Constipated" my own fault really I have not taken my "Lactulose" for two days and I know what will happens it is just sometimes I want a break from the Medicine Regime.

Anyway That is how feel about it but I suppose it is Back to the nightly dose of Lactulose to keep everything moving, however back to today and the weather is at least dry and mild although very dull and at 7.30 when I woke there was a bit of mist around as well, but that seems to have lifted now.

Portsmouth at 10.00 this morning
Well Once I was up and in the lounge with the morning coffee I get some porridge for breakfast and then text Pauline, she phones back to say that all is ok and that they are having a bit of a rest today, gordon has got his car fixed with a new radiator so that is ok, anyway he is out with Misty on the common for her morning walk, so after I have spoken with Pauline I check out my emails and facebook and then go round to the Tesco Express to get my Morning Paper and then Back indoors to watch "Sunday Morning Live" a current affairs program with Samira Ahmed

"Sunday Morning Live "
The news today is all about the march in London, Glasgow and a Rally in Belfast, Thousands Marched in London against the Governments Austerity Measures
The London March 
Todays Lunch
Once the Program hat ended I read the Paper and started the crosswords, along with listening to the radio, Gervase phoned at 11.30 to say that he would be round about 1.30 to 2.00 to take me shopping down Morrisons, so that gives me chance to have a shave and get ready for when he comes but at 12,30 I will get myself some lunch and today I will have some chicken soup for lunch.

Well The Soup went down a treat and now it is 1.15 and time to get a shave and then get ready for when Gervase arrives. Gervase arrives at about 2.00 pm so we get in the car and off down to Morrisons. once there I decide that I will walk round pushing a trolley so that is Ok and will give me some Exercise, although I will probably suffer with aching Thigh Muscles later on , anyway we get the shopping and then we have a drive back along the seafront, it has also just started to rain very lightly . once home we get the shopping put away and I make a coffee and gervase goes out for a bit of a jog as he is taking part in the "Great South Run" at Southsea next Sunday.

Well once Gervase returns He has a shower and then he is off Home to Leanne and I settle down to check out facebook and then I get the Potatoes peeled for dinner tonight, I am going to have a nice Sea Bream Fillet with New Potatoes Tonight, so that will be tasty and then I settle down to watch a disney Cartoon Film on TV. "Dumbo" while I am writing this Journal.
Dumbo 1941 Movie
Writing the Daily Journal while watching Dumbo on the TV.
Well there we are then folks it is now 6.10 so time to get dinner on cooking and to take the daily Lansoprazole so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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