Friday, October 19, 2012

And it rained all day today

Not A sunny Southsea Today
Singing in the Rain

Yes People you have not read it wrong it certainly has rained all day today, it was raining when I woke at 8.00 am it is now 3.30 pm and it is still raining and it has not stopped. So Today has been a mundane kind of day and apart from going round to the tesco express to get the daily paper I have been indoors all day, but then again  "What's New".

Morning Coffee
Anyway It was a decent nights sleep last night Woke about 4.30 for the bathroom, and then dozed off again and woke at 8.00 am. looking out the widow it was raining quite hard so got up made a coffee and into the lounge to catch up on the breakfast news on the TV and wait for Jo My Carer to arrive.

Well Jo arrives at about 9.15, she has not got that many clients today and is glad that she is finished by 11.00 O'Clock this morning as it is not very nice cycling around in the rain, anyway she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way to her next client. I text Pauline and let her know all is OK and then get a couple of Boiled eggs with some toast for Breakfast.

Once I have had Breakfast I get dressed and then Pauline phones to say that they had a good trip up to Salisbury this morning and that they were starting the first job. Once pauline was off the phone I go round to Tesco Express to get my Daily Paper and then back home and get on the laptop to check out emails and facebook, I see facebook is up to its old tricks again and sending game request to people on my behalf without me knowing so that really does annoy me so I deleted the application as I know how annoying it can be as I also get loads of games request for games I do not play, I just wish that face book would give you the option to agree rather than the option to "opt out" which is normally not that easy to find.

One of my Family History books
Anyway it looks like it is such a miserable day out today, no sitting out in the courtyard today so I decide to get some Photo,s sorted out for my next Family History book , looking at how Portsmouth and Southsea has changed over the years , as both my Maternal and Paternal relatives were living in Portsmouth and Southsea since the late 1800,s and we have a very large and wide Royal Navy History with family involved as far back as the Napoleonic and Crimean Wars and all conflicts up to and including world war two.

Anyway I found some old photo,s/postcards of Southsea and using Google Maps captured images showing the same areas now, these are shown Below.
So that is about as exciting as my day got, the only other excitement here today was washing up after having some chicken soup for lunch.  However that is the next book started and will look at how our ancestors and relatives  lived in Years gone by.
S now it is time to think about getting todays journal Posted on my blog and then getting ready for Pointless at 5.15 on BBC 1, after that it will be dinner and then the Dreaded Methotrexate.

so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye.

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