Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Wet and Windy Wednesday

Stormy Weather
Hi Ho people and a very warm welcome to the Three W's "Wet. Windy and Wednesday. It has been absolutely atrocious overnight here with heavy and sometimes torrential rain and very strong winds reaching gale force at times, anyway by this morning it had subsided and it is actually quite a pleasant morning with Blue skies although the weather is forecast to deteriorate as the day progresses.

Here is Portsmouth Harbour at 8.45 this morning.
Flooded Roads
Well it was not too bad last night, got woken a couple of times by the wind and rain, but all in all I did get a decent sleep and was up by 8.15 this morning and in the lounge with a coffee watching the breakfast news and waiting for Jo the carer to arrive. I text Pauline Earlier this morning as the local radio station was reporting lots of holdups on the roads due to the weather, traffic accidents and Flooding, and some of it was on the route that Gordon takes to Salisbury, although he had already left.

Heavy motorway Traffic M27/M3

More Floods.

My goodness a bit of a breeze today.
Anyway Jo arrives early today at 8.30, so it is a good job that I didn't have a lie in today anyway she soon gets me washed and groomed and then is on her way so I get some porridge for breakfast and then get dressed and shaved ready to go round and get the Morning Paper. I need to get round Early as Colin will be coming in this morning about 10.30 for an hour for a cup of tea and a chat so of I go round ti Tesco, it is not to bad out at the moment but still very windy.
Words With friends
So once back indoors I make a coffee, and there is a message on the Answer Machine, colin had phoned while I was out getting the paper to say that he will not be coming down to Portsmouth Today as Stewie was not going to his medical appointment today, that is a shame as I look forward to having a chat with Colin still he will be down next Wednesday.
Hidden Chronicles
So I get the Laptop up and running and check out my emails, delete all the ones promising me huge amounts of money for nothing and then go on to facebook to see who is around and get my daily fix of "Words With Friends" and "Hidden Chronicles" once that has been achieved I then decide that as it is not a very nice day it would be productive to have ago at sorting out a box of old postcards that I have to see which ones can go to a charity shop and which ones can be used for my family history research.

One of the things that I find interesting about Genealogy in General and Family History in Particular is the searching and discovering items from the past that have a bearing on my own family history, some items like Ration Books from the 1950,s I can remember but there are many items that go back into the 1700,s and 1800,s that are relevant to my ancestors. I search ebay and also other Auction sites to see what I can find, nothing of any value but that has an interest or a link to my Family History.
The following Photo,s show some of the items that are relevant to me as they relate to areas of my family history.

The British Empire Exhibition Guide and Photo booklets 1924
Naval involvement.
1914 - 18 war map  by the "Daily Mail"
Opened War Map
Several ancestors from England and Canada lost there life in France during the War
World War 2 Ration Book. Rationing ended in 1953/54 in the UK.
Mackerel Fillets
Anyway that was a productive search through the archives and I will post some photo,s of the relevant postcards at a later date when I have finished sorting through the box. It is now 2.00 pm and time for lunch so I have a tin of "Mackerel  fillets" with a couple of Crispbread (Minus the tin) (Mackerel is a good source of fish oil and Omega 3) and a nice cup of tea to wash it down and then have a lie down for 30 minutes before starting to get todays Journal written.

So that is about it for today then folks, it has been a productive and restful day today and the weather is on the change now, the rain clouds are gathering and the wind is starting to pick up so it looks like another wet and windy night ahead.
Portsmouth Harbour at 3.15 pm this afternoon.
So that is about it for today then folks, tomorrow will be a busier day, as it will be shopping down Morrisons at some time during the day but if the weather is bad it will be there and back but it will definitely be "Cake For Lunch Tomorrow" so I will leave all you lovely people and say Tatty Bye until Tomorrow.

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