Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Yucky Methotrexate after affect Saturday.

Hello again people and it is another very Dull day here in Portsmouth although it is not raining today, but no sunshine so it looks a bit bleak but it is quite mild for this time of the year.
Portsmouth Harbour at 9.00 am this morning.
A Restless Night
It was a bit of an indifferent night last night, I took my Methotrexate  after dinner at about 8.00 pm and went to bed at 11.00. didn't get of to sleep until about 12.30 and was awake at 3.30, used the bathroom and then went back to bed tossed and turned with periods of dozing on and off until about 7.00 when I got up and made a coffee, went back to bed until 8.00 when I went into the lounge to watch the news on TV and await Jo my Carer.

Todays Breakfast
It was 9.25 before the carer arrived this Morning, it looks like Jo has gone sick again and It was a new carer today, she was a pleasant enough young lady and soon had me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead, anyway once she had gone I text Pauline and let her know all is Ok and then get some weetabix for breakfast.

Anyway Pauline phones back and lets me Know that all is OK but her and Gordon had a restless night last night so perhaps the changing weather may have something to do with it although I am sure my restless night was more to do with the Methotrexate rather than the weather, anyway have that Freaky Yucky feeling today so will not be doing to much, anyway once I have spoken to Pauline I go and get the Morning Paper and then settle down to check out my emails and Facebook. There were several comments left on a picture and rhyme that I posted on facebook, so for those of you that have not seen it I will put it here.
I go and Poke my Facebook friends,
Oh will this Poking never end,
Poke through ceilings,
Poke through floors,
Poke through windows,
Poke through doors,

Oh will this poking never end,
This poking drives me round the bend,
And when my fingers getting sore,
I bandage it and poke some more.


I did this while I was playing around on the computer last night, I must have been bored, anyway it made a few people smile so that is no bad thing.

Not up to much today so I decided just to rest and watch some movies on TV the first movie I watched was "Cannonball Fever (Speed Zone) I did not think it was as good as 

the earlier cannonball movies but It was enjoyable enough. It was made in 1989 and starring John Candy and Donna Dixon.

Cannonball Fever (Speed Zone) 1989.

The second film I enjoyed better, I had seen it before and enjoyed it then and also enjoyed it today. The film in question is "Stop or my Mom will shoot" this is a 1992 film starring Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty.

Stop or my Mom will shoot 1992

After that I have been listening to the Soccer Match on the Radio, and writing this journal, Portsmouth are playing at home today at Fratton park and are doing quite well and with 7 minutes left until full time Pompey are winning 2 - 1 against Shrewsbury, and according to the radio there is a good crowd at Fratton Park today.

Fratton Park Soccer Stadium (Stock Photo)

Well this is about it for today folks, it is approaching 5.00 and it will soon be time to think about dinner, I am cheating tonight as I normally do on the Methotrexate weekend and am having a "Cannelloni" ready meal tonight, so that should be tasty and makes a change from Fish which I had Thursday and Friday. Well the Soccer has finished and the Final score is Pompey 3 Shrewsbury 1 so a good result which is more than I can say about todays Journal as for some reason the type face and size along with the Paragraphs seem to have gone haywire, no idea why, perhaps it is Methotrexate or Prednisolone induced anyway hope you can read it and I will try better tomorrow so until then I will say goodbye.   

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