Monday, October 29, 2012

Its Someone,s Birthday Today

And here is a history Lesson for you all.

( Q ) What happened 69 years ago in the middle of an air raid ?

(A) The World as we know it changed for ever I was Born.

And if that was not enough 10 years later on the 29th October 1953 Guess What ?

Yes My Sister Eileen was born on my 10th Birthday, my longest lasting Present and still in good condition which is more than can be said for me LOL

Morning coffee.
So today is a special day for two reasons. The day has started well as I woke at about 7.00 after a good nights sleep, and as there is no carer today I could have a lie in so made a coffee and then back into bed until 8.30 when I made my way with another coffee into the lounge and to watch some Breakfast TV news and get myself some Porridge for Breakfast.

On the Phone to Adult Social Care.
Once I had finished breakfast I text Pauline, and she phones back to wish me a happy birthday and to say gordon will be round as usual to do a couple of hours cleaning for me, so I must make sure I have some biscuits for gordon to have with his coffee, anyway once the phone call from Pauline is over I check out Facebook I have a great deal of Birthday wishes to look at from family and friends world wide and also check my emails, after that I phone Adult Social Care about the problems on saturday with the care company but all they seem to do is fob me off so I to forget it and I will g direct to the local Press and my MP and hang up, I will not get stressed out on my Birthday.

Return Call from Adult Social care.
Anyway about 10.50 Gordon arrives, so first things first I make a couple of coffee,s and we have a chat before Gordon starts cleaning for me and I go and take a walk round to the Tesco Express to get a few bits and pieces, once I am back home i settle to start to read te paper when the phone rings and it is Adult Social Care, another person has picked up on my problem and has phoned back to discuss it, at least this lady seems to be a bit more concerned anyway I go through the events of what happened Saturday and she says she will contact the company and will phone me back. she phones back within the hour to say that she has spoken to the company and they have assured her all my records have now been updated so we will see at least someone is listening.

Well we will see what happens with the carer tomorrow, anyway gordon is ready for another coffee before he vacuum's the floors and finishes off so I need to make sure he has something to munch with his coffee, as I need to build up his weight as we have a weigh in every week when he comes round and he is always lighter than me and that is not fair so I am trying to fatten him up LOL. so here is a small snack for Gordon,s coffee break.
A Tasty Snack for Gordon.
 Once we have had a coffee break gordon completes the floors Vacuuming the lounge and bedroom and washing the Kitchen and Bathroom Floor,s we then have our weekly weigh in and Gordon is at 12 stone and I am at 12.5 stone, this is not fair and Dr Gibb will not be please with my weight, must try to get down to 11.5 before I see him in January.

A Cat Nap
Anyway all of a sudden the doorbell rings and it is Pauline and Charlie, Charlie is a son of friends of Pauline and Gordon who live in Salisbury and he has come down to stay with Pauline and gordon for the week, anyway they have brought me some Birthday cards and Present,s round so that was a surprise, anyway they stop for a coffee and a chat before they all make there way home and I get some Chicken Broth for lunch and then go for a cat nap.

That was a nice half an hour and then my brother pat rings, so we have a chat and then I make a coffee and start to get todays Journal written, at about 4.00 Gervase phones to say they are running late and will be round to see me about 5.00 so will look forward to that, anyway it is now 4.20 and I need to get this journal finished and posted to my blog and then get ready for Gervase coming round, so I will leave you all with number 7 of "Myo Man Dreams" and will be back tomorrow when we go shopping.

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