Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Return of the laxido.

Phone GP Surgery
Howdy Doozy Folks and here we are on another Wednesday, It has been a funny few days as I mentioned before I have been having a lot of Constipation problems lately anyway Phoned the GP surgery this morning at 9.15 and so am waiting on a return call from a doctor.

A good sleep
Well I must say that the new Pillow worked wonders last night as I had one of the best night,s sleep that I have had for a long time, went to bed at 10.30 listened to the radio until 11.30 went to sleep after I turned it off and slept through until 6,45 so well pleased with that,

The weather this morning is much the same as it has been all week, but it is supposed to change tomorrow?Friday and a cold snap is on the way but along with the cold will come some sunshine so just hope they are right.

Morning Coffee
Anyway out of bed at 7.45. coffee made and into the lounge to watch some Morning News on the TV and to await the arrival of Jo my carer, Jo arrives at 8.40 and soon has me washed and groomed, and then she is on her way, It is jo,s last day tomorrow and she is sad to be leaving but looking forward to her new job, so that is Good.

Gp on Phone
Once Jo has gone I get some Breakfast and then phone the GP Surgery and then Phone Pauline to let her Know that I have phoned the surgery and will let her know what is happening after the doctor phones back. anyway the Doctor phones back about 10.10 and  makes an appointment to come in and see my family GP at 12.15 today.

Pauline on the Phone
So I phone Pauline and let her know. She said Colin and fran will be going round to her instead of me today at 1030 for an hour so she will get Colin to drop her off here when he leaves to pick up stewie and she will take me up to the Surgery.

Once I have spoken to Pauline I check Face book and Emails and then get a Shave ready for seeing the doctor and then at 11.40 Pauline arrives and has a coffee, I phoned earlier to book a taxi and that arrives at 12.00 and so we get in and off to the Eastney Health Centre for my 12.15 appointment, I have taken one of the Myositis books I got from the Myositis Support group meeting in Southampton for my GP as he has shown an interest in my DM, it is only the second case he has seen in 30 years of practice.

Eastney Health Centre.
we go in to see Dr Tyrell at  about 12.40, he is very pleased with the book and is going to keep it in the health centre and pass it round to the other doctors, anyway he looks at my medical records and tests and listens while I describe how I feel and all my symptoms and after many other things he is of the opinion, and also I do agree with him as it is something that i was toying with is that my problem is most likely to be linked to the long term taking of the Lansoprazole as Constipation, Flatulence, Tiredness, Sore Throat are all linked to the side affects so we are reducing the Lansoprazole from 30 mg to 15 mg, and adding in the "Laxido" to be taken once or twice daily, and he is hopeful that I will see the benefits within a few days.

The king of the Constipation Busters.

Anyway we are going to try that for 30 days and then review it after that. Once out of the Health centre we go into the Chemist opposite to get the prescription filled and then get a taxi home.
Lloyds the Chemist
Well the Taxi arrives and we get it to take me home and then Pauline carry,s on to her place, Once in doors I make a coffee and then have some chicken soup for lunch and go for a lie down.

Well that is it for today folks, it is now 4.50 and time to get this journal posted and then an hour of pointless before getting dinner cooked and settling for the evening, sorry it is such a short journal but it has not been the best of days for me today so until tomorrow, tatty bye.

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