Thursday, September 20, 2012

what a super day today

Here is todays very short and very late Blog.

And here we are at the start of a busy Thursday. As all of you that read my blog on a regular basis would have seen yesterday there were two picture clues posted that related to two events that were taking place. the first one was of the "Churchillian" and a Beaver. this related to me meeting up with my Cousin Maureen who is over from Canada. My Brother pat had booked a table at the Churchillian
The view of Portsmouth from the Churchillian
 There were 8 of us that met up last Night, My Brother Pat, his wife Maz and Melanie and Holly his two Daughters also Maureen and ken and also Maureen,s bother Mike and of course me, we met up as Pat, Maz and holly are away on Holiday when we have the family get together next week it was a very good evening,

The second clue was a Photo of Gunwharf Quays and a Kangaroo. This related to Me meeting up with Elizabeth Burrows at Gunwharf Quays Today, Elizabeth is over here with her Husband Andy on Holiday from Australia. Elizabeth also has Myositis and is a Member of the Myositis Ramblers KIT Group. Pauline took me down to Gunwharf and we had a super 2 hours chatting, mainly about how we coped with Myositis but also about other things, Pauline and I really did enjoy ourself,s and what a lovely couple Elizabeth and Andy are.

Elizabeth and Me at Gunwharf Quays this afternoon.

so unfortunately this is a very short Blog today as it is now 5.45 and it will soon be time to get dinner started, and also it has been a busy week this week what with going out Galavanting around Portsmouth. meeting cousins from Canada,  meeting lovely people from Australia,  Eating cake at Gunwharf " Thank you Andy" and also another busy day tomorrow. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye and get a quick cat nap in before Dinner.

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