Saturday, September 8, 2012

A very Lazy Saturday.

So here we are on a nice warm balmy saturday doing absolutely nothing. it is a very lazy day today I slept well last night and woke about 6.30 this morning . stayed in bed until 7.30 when I decided to get up and make a coffee. took it into the lounge and watched the Breakfast news on TV until Jo the carer arrived at 8.45.

Portsmouth Harbour at 8.00 this morning.
Once Jo Had been, I text Pauline and then get some porridge for breakfast before getting Shaved and dressed and then heading of round to tesco express to get a morning paper, before coming back home and checking out facebook and my emails. It is so hot today and being the methotrexate weekend I am just going to potter around indoors and in the yard today and just take things easy ( As Usual) Also will work on some more illustrations for Myositis awareness day, below is the one I did Yesterday.

anyway time is pushing on and I decide to go out into the back courtyard for an hour to get a bit of fresh air and to read the paper and do the Crosswords, so I take a coffee and a Banana with me and after wiping all the dew of the chairs and table settle down for an hour in the fresh air. it is very quiet out here, which is one of the things that I like about living here and as you can see it is a pleasant area with private parking.

Anyway I stay out until about 11.30 when I decide to go for a lie down for an hour before getting some lunch, which today will be chicken soup with a couple of crisp breads. The oral thrush seems to be clearing up with using the Nystatin but the throat is still relatively sore so Chicken soup will go down a treat and then for dinner tonight I will be having some tinned braised steak with New Potato,s Cauliflower and Broccoli.

At 12.30 I get myself my lunch and then watch a couple of episode,s of "Diagnosis Murder" I have seen them before but It is one of my favourite TV series and I do enjoy Dick van Dyke films, ever since I saw him as the Chimney sweep in Mary Poppins, I still always look out for that film on TV at Christmas.

Diagnosis Murder
well that was an enjoyable couple of hours and it is now time to get back out into the back courtyard with a coffee and get this Journal written and posted for the day. While I am out here I get a text and a photo graph from Gordon asking if I know where they are, it is not hard to fathom out that they are down at Gunwharf keys at the bottom of the Spinnaker tower and here is the Photograph he text to me

Gunwharf Quay,s and HMS Warrior
So that is about it for today , not a very exiting journal today but need to rest ready for shopping with Gervase Tomorrow. It is still very warm and humid with very little air current around, the temperature her in the shade is 24 C so very pleasant but the lack of air does affect the breathing a little bit, but not as much as it did this time last year when I needed an inhaler.
Portsmouth Harbour at 4.15 (The time Now as I write this)
So it is now time to say cheerio and get this posted and I will try and make tomorrow,s journal a little bit more exciting. so until Tomorrow....................

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