Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Wet and Windy Sunday.

And a jolly good Sunday to you all and my wish for today is that you all have better weather than we have here on the south coast of the UK. it really does have the feel of winter about it today, although saying that the temperature is not to bad out of the wind and rain.
Portsmouth at 10.20 this Morning.
Well I must admit to having a lie in this morning. I stayed up until 11.30 last night watching the film "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze I have lost count of the number of times I have seen that film and still enjoy watching it whenever it is on TV.
The Film Ghost 
so after a late night last night, I had a lie in this morning until 9.00 am before getting up and going into the kitchen to get a coffee and go into the lounge to text Pauline and to get some breakfast. The weather has really taken a turn for the worse today and the wind and rain is pretty awful and there is the rumblings of thunder in the distance, anyway it is nice and snug indoors so that is OK.
Nice weather for ducks Frankie
My Favourite Yoghurt
Pauline phones back to say that she and gordon had a lie in this morning and are getting ready to take Misty out for her morning walk, hope they remember to wear their Wellington boots. anyway once Pauline is off the phone I get some Belvita Breakfast biscuits for breakfast and also a Banana and a Lemon Curd Yoghurt.

Once breakfast is over I settle down with the computer to check emails, and to go and see who is around on Facebook, I also have a phone call from my cousin Maureen and we have a chat and then Gervase Phones to say that he will be round at about 1.00 and we will go up to the Hyundai dealer to test drive the i10 he is going to buy and then we can go shopping at Sainsburys.

Hyundai i10
Gervase arrives at 1.10 and we go up to Farlington and have a test drive in the Hyundai i10 that he will be getting it is a 2011 model on a 61 plate with just 8000 miles on the clock. it is carbon grey in colour and he will be collecting it next Saturday Morning.

We then go over to Sainsburys in Farlington to get the shopping, although it is still dull and dismal it has stopped raining for the moment so that makes a change.
Sainsburys at Farlington (Stock Photo)
once we have got everything we then make our way back home and once indoors I get the kettle on and make a nice coffee and then get the shopping unpacked, gervase stays for a bit but he then goes on his way home to leanne and I watch a couple of episodes of "Darling Buds of May" before getting this Journal written and then thinking about getting dinner on, I am cheating today and having a ready meal from Sainsburys and it looks very tasty.
Tonight,s dinner
Tonight it is a wiltshire ham gratin, which is Potato, wiltshire ham and green beans in a cheddar cheese sauce. anyway it is now 5.25 pm and time to get this journal finished and posted and then get dinner cooked as I missed lunch today because of lying in this morning and having a late breakfast so only had a couple of cheese crackers with some cheese this afternoon. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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